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Research could lead to sharks predicting weather
If studies prove the theory, scientists in the future could conceivably monitor the behaviour of sharks to anticipate severe weather fronts.

Identity Theft - One Woman's Story
What started for Suzanne Finch as an unexplained purchase on her credit card transformed into a months-long odyssey of frustration as she spent hours monitoring her credit and trying to find out what caused the incident. Even now, after months of denials and dodging from Citibank, Finch still doesn't have any answers--and wants justice.

Connect up to 6 LCD Monitors with your Laptop
LG released its new Flatron LX206WU LCD monitor that will allow you to extend additional displays simply by connecting it via USB. The Monitor allows you to connect your notebook or desktop PC to extend up to six monitors without additional graphics power.

Tek-Tools Profiler for VMware
This post accurately describes why reporting and monitoring tools are important in virtualized server environments.

Qaeda in Yemen wing says it attacked US embassy
SANAA: Al-Qaeda's wing in Yemen has said it targeted the US embassy in Sanaa in an attack that hit a nearby school in the country's capital, a monitoring group said on Monday.

Integrated Rear-View Mirror GPS System - DSUS DS-400GB
You know, you're probably looking at your rear-view mirror quite often while driving, so why not just integrate a 4-inch GPS nav unit up in there? That's what DSUS Technology of China offers with their new DS-400GB rear-view mirror GPS navigation system. The high tech touch screen monitor features…

GameBattles iGoogle Widget
The GameBattles iGoogle Widget allows you to monitor the progression of your, or any, clan through GameBattles. You can view recent matches, upcoming matches and challenges, wins, draws and loses, and most other things you would think of!

LG releases new DisplayLink 20.1-inch LCD monitor
Enriching the growing DisplayLink offer, LG has announced that release of the Flatron LX206WU widescreen LCD. The new 20.1-inch monitor, courtesy of the DisplayLink technology, can be set up in multi-display configurations via USB, without needing additional graphics cards.

Everest Ultimate Edition 2008 4.20.1257 Portable,FREE DL
A system diagnostics and benchmarking solution for PC users, based on the award-winning EVEREST Technology. During system optimizations and tweaking it provides essential system and overclock information, advanced hardware monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to check the effects of the applied settings. Uploaded on, Total:7MB

Under Supervision
A new law would require that computer sex criminals be monitored by the state for life. Is that practical? Could it even work?

Solar panel 'gateway' pipes data from rooftop to Web
A great way to monitor your solar system consumption

Monitoring your WOM on Twitter
Twitter continues to grow in importance as a source of word of mouth. Forrester says 6% of U.S. adults who use the Internet, use Twitter to converse.

HOWTO: Exclude your visits from Google Analytics
Using Google Analytics to monitor traffic to your site/blog? And are you looking for a way to exclude your traffic (i.e. internal traffic) from the stats? This article offers a method to achieve just that.

CheckUp: A Monitor for Your Mac
CheckUp is first designed to monitor the usage of CPU, Memory, Disk Drives and Network Adapters. You can display detailed information about all running processes and pause or terminate these at any time. By adding rules that will be triggered when certain conditions are met for a specified resource on the computer, you can receive visual notificati

Widescreen Monitors: The New Office Status Symbol
Upgrading from an 18-inch monitor to a 24-inch monitor increases productivity by 25%. Imagine what a 60-inch monitor would do...

Network Monitoring
Network Monitoring Infrascape is the market leader in transforming enterprise-wide information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure data into intelligence.

Web Site Performance Monitoring
Web site performance, web testing, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, migration, automated, usability, web, lab testing services by Indian Software Development Company, Radix, Ahmedabd, Gujarat, India.

World Water Day
Lack of access to safe water and adequate sanitation kills at least 1.6 million children under the age of 5 years yearly, as outlined in the latest report published by the Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation.

A Few Problems with School IT departments
An article exploring issues with: Computer Hardware, Networking Solutions, Choice of Student’s Software, Use of Monitoring ‘Spy’ Software and Communication with Students in schools.

Quickly resize Photos and images in Window Vista
I took some snapshots of my new monitor (each snapshot was about 2MB big in size) and wanted to resize and email them to my friend but I was horrified to realize that Windows Vista does not have a built-in resizing tool. After peeking here and there I finally came up with a little trick to resize photos and images in Windows Vista quickly.

System Programming, Device Driver Development India
Alarm System was require to cater large solution of security & intrusion through various devices attached with it. It should serve as central monitoring system and all the attached sensors should be controlled from this system.

ZoneAlarm Pro & Antivirus 7.0.470.000
Protect yourself with the best multi-layered firewall technology around. ZoneAlarm Pro keeps intruders out, protects your PC to the core and makes you invisible to hackers. It also destroys spyware, secures your privacy and provides real world services that monitor and repair all suspicious activity linked to your identity.

StatCounter- A next generation Web counter
StatCounter is a free invisible web tracker. It is very higly configurable hit counter and it shows real time detail web stats.You can analyse and monitor all the visitors to your website in real-time.

Nuclear Scanning Nabs a Radioactive Cat On Interstate 5
Federal agents detected a potential 'dirty bomb' while monitoring I-5. After chasing the car down, they discovered a radioactive cat. The cat it turns out, had been undergoing radiological treatment three days earlier.

How To Choose The Right LCD Monitor
Choosing the right LCD monitor for your computer can be an important yet confusing decision to make. There are numerous ...

DIY Micro FM transmitters/bugs
It's pretty hard to believe that these generic micro transmitter (bug) circuits give such high quality reception on a standard FM radio. Fundamentally they are nothing more than high frequency oscillators with their frequency modulated by a microphone. The concept is simple enough and it works well because the FM radio you use to monitor them does

Identity Theft Lies on Squidoo
Every time I turn around, I see Identity Theft advertisements (including the ones on this page that I do not endorse). What really bothers me no end is the wording of those ads. On the surface, to someone who has not researched the different types of Identity Theft, you are led to believe that credit monitoring is THE answer to all your cares, woes

Comcast putting cameras into DVR boxes to "monitor" users
"In a scene straight out of 1984, Comcast said it will begin placing actual cameras in DVR units to track data for who is watching the digital television..."This sounds pretty damn shady if you ask me. It seemed strangely far fetched but this is from the mouth of the beast itself. Enjoy.

Twitter This
Interesting discussion on Social Media. Social Media Monitoring can be tricky, how when and what to monitor is the question.

Buy Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Digital ...
Buy Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Monitors, Electronics and More Online from leading brands like Sony, Apple, Toshiba, Gateway amp; more.

Comcast User Agreement allows monitoring email, IM, voice.
" acknowledge and agree that Comcast and its agents have the right to monitor, from time to time, any such postings and transmissions, including without limitation e-mail, newsgroups, chat, IP audio and video, and Web space content."See "Additional Provisions Applicable To High-Speed Internet Service" section 3b and 3c.

What are the five most prevalent forms of torture and why?
Watchdog groups that monitor prisons where torture is suspected rely on a handbook that describes prevalent forms of physical and psychological torture. What are they?

Sharing Monitors Over A LAN
A quick guide to sharing a networked computers' monitor.

Ultra Secure Computers Watch You - Intel Proteus
In a new paradigm of security, Intel has developed security software that monitors and adjusts to the way an individual uses the Internet, providing a new dynamic approach to detecting attacks and malicious activity that helps reduce false positives or missing some security breaches. The software is…[

ASUS Splendid HD1 Video Enhance Card for True HDMI
ASUS Splendid HD1 video enhance card is able to increase picture quality for HD content to deliver sharper, more vividly colored visual outputs. It can even enhance lower resolution inputs by recovering image clarity when viewing legacy content for viewing on LCD TV or monitors; as well as provide true HDMI with audio and HDCP.

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