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Microsoft is Our Big Brother
The company has begun combining personal data from the 263 million users of its free Hotmail email service with information gained from monitoring their searches, the paper said.

Download Kerio Firewall.. One of the best if not the best in my opinion
Kerio Personal Firewall (KPF) protects PCs from Internet threats. KPF inspects both incoming and outgoing connections ensuring that only legitimate traffic is allowed. MD5 signatures are assigned to all applications to prevent Trojan horses from posing as a trusted application. Kernel monitoring prohibits installation of potentially dangerous....

Tap water safer than bottled water?
Bottled water is less regulated than tap water in the United States but people believe otherwise thanks to misleading marketing campaigns by Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Pepsi. FDA relies on bottled water corporations to do voluntary testing and self-monitoring. I am one of the four out five people who believed that bottled water was safer.

24-7 Support Plus for Dedicated Hosting
Wackaloons Hosting are expanding options for its dedicated server customers by adding an Assisted Service Plan–a professional solution without the traditional costs. Wackaloons Hosting’s technical support will address needed patches, backups, monitoring and vulnerability assessments.

Weezo Media Server - Perfect for anything (especially for the Wii)
I found this today when I was looking for a solution to let me watch my video and listen to my music within the Wii Browser. It works really well, and does everything I could hope for from a free application! It even has remote desktop, webcam monitoring and multiple users! Now, to watch my BitTorrent TV...

Friends Don't Let Friends Sleepwalk
It takes trust. For instance, if my wife Maggie says to me, "Greg, it seems like you're sleepwalking this morning," and I respond with "Well, who the hell are you, Mother Theresa?" this monitoring agreement will fail big time. But if I am aware and have given her permission, I will be less prone to be reactive.

French Judge to RIAA: "GOVT approval needed to trace IP address"
court ruled that music companies and other copyright holders cannot conduct unrestrained internet monitoring to find pirates.

learn about credit report, credit score controler, credit over phone
Take advantage of credit report monitoring services online and save hundreds or even thousands, of dollars. Accurate credit monitoring service will show you the real credit score, which will help lenders to determine the “credit worthiness” of consumers applying for credit cards, lines of credit, or loans.

Ubersmith Releases Datacenter Edition 1.0
Ubersmith Datacenter Edition is a ground-breaking datacenter management solution, publicly available Friday, Dec 22. DE expands on the company's existing product suite with key features such as automatic bandwidth billing, invoicing and client management, integrated support systems, environmental monitoring, and remote reboot systems.

New report of a Windows Vista vulnerability
"...right now we are closely monitoring developments related to a public posting of proof of concept code targeting an issue with the Client Server Run-Time Subsystem. The PoC reportedly allows for local elevation of privilege on Windows 2000 SP4, Windows Server 2003 SP1, Windows XP SP1, Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista operating systems..."

Smart pillow analyzes your sleep
Hiroshima International University techs have invented an electronic pillow that evaluates the quality of your sleep by monitoring your "sleep pattern" and the "condition of INTERNAL ORGANS." Called the "Don't You Think?", this may be the only product to date with a purpose as confusing as the name. Pic included.

Got Monitoring? Pingdom Has It
A Christmas gift from Sweden for webmasters and server administrators offers a free year of website monitoring, without strings attached.

French court favors personal privacy over piracy searches
A French court has ruled that music companies and other copyright holders cannot conduct unrestrained Internet monitoring to find pirates.

The use of molecular approaches has become part of the standard of care in the management of pediatric cancer patients. Molecular approaches are now included in the initial diagnosis, definition of prognostically distinct patient subgroups, selection of patients for specific therapies, prediction of risk for toxicities to therapy, and monitoring of

TV Output from Geovision DVR Server
Currently there are four methods available on having a TV output of your DVR monitoring.

100% free uptime monitoring during 1 year
The company Pingdom gives away free uptime monitoring during 48 hours. Sign up was easy and they include 5 "checks" and 20 alert SMS. A must-have for webmasters. According to their blog they already have Alexa, 1&1 and FeedBurner as customers...

Traffic Jam Monitoring via mobile telephone movement --> tickets next?
Function creep should be expected... After watching the technology from the London city centre congestion charge ( be discussed for congestion charging on the M25( you'll see why I say this.

E-Learning Course in Terrorism Studies Warns Against Terrorist Threat
A TERRORIST attack on the UK during the Christmas period is 'highly likely', Home Secretary John Reid has said. Speaking on national television on 10 December, Dr Reid added security services were currently monitoring 30 terrorist plots to target the country.

RFID Tags Monitoring Temperature of Pharmaceutical Shipments
DHL has started a new service for the Pharmaceutical industry to continuously monitor the temperature of shipments. Many Pharmaceutical products are required to stay at a certain temperature. Currently, most shippers, monitor the temperature of the reefer trailer. They could use this technology with milk cartons as well. I buy sour milk a lot.

Decline in daily smoking by teens has leveled-off
Following a decade of substantial improvement, daily smoking among young people in their early and middle teens has stopped declining, according to the latest Monitoring the Future survey. The survey, which is now in its 32nd year, measures smoking, drinking and illicit drug use among the nation’s secondary school students, surveying 50,000 student

Bank of Thailand closely monitoring baht movements
BANGKOK, The easing of stringent currency controls on foreign investors has helped boost the Thai stock market but the situation remains worrisome, requiring close monitoring of the baht,

Ground penetrating radar technologies for the monitoring of highways
The problem of the adoption of the optimum method for the renovation, maintenance of the transport facilities or assignment of the complex of the exploitation measures very often comprises the lack of the information about the processes going on in its constructional elements.

Observu: Simple and effective website monitoring
Observu is a very simple yet effective website monitoring service. You can add as many sites as you want and will be mailed immediately when any of them is unavailable or does not serve the required content.

Sandia researchers study possibility that lightning
Sandia researchers study possibility that lightning was cause of Sago Mine disasterThe researchers took their monitoring equipment across country and spent 10 days analyzing the likelihood that electric current produced by a lightning strike transmitted effects deep into the coal mine, resulting in the tragedy.

Centra use Velocity Security Management System for Access Management
Centra introduce the Hirsch’s award-winning Velocity Security Management System is management software for access control and security operations.Seamless integration of door control, alarm monitoring, credential enrollment, photo badging, video, dynamic graphics, database management and tutorials yields an easy to use and easy to install system.

Brands for the Chattering Masses - New York Times
Article about brand monitoring and Nielsen Buzzmetrics in particular.

Believe!! NORAD prepares to Track and map Santa on Christmas Eve
Once again the crew in Colorado Springs is preparing the NORAD radar system (aka. North warning system) to track Santa's treck on Christmas eve. Monitoring the system closely, the NORAD team will share images, video and radar sighting updates with the World via this fabulous website known as NORAD Santa

Stalking 101: Hack the Nike+iPod Sport Kit To Track People With Google Maps
A couple of scientists at the University of Washington managed to build a small scanner that could read the RFID signals that the Nike+iPod sports kit puts out. The range on these Nike devices are 60 feet. The scientists also linked their scanning system to Google maps for ultra-precise movement monitoring.

Monitoring Exchange performance
Using the Windows Performance Console to monitor your Exchange environment.

ATS Rule Generator
50% discount on Rule Generator for a limited time. The ATS Rule Generator will create configuration rules on the fly for any xml file generated by Microsoft’s Desired Configuration Monitoring product.

Lie detector add-on for Skype
Lie detectors are no longer the preserve of shadowy government agencies. The KishKish Lie Detector for Skype is capable of monitoring, in real-time, the stress levels in a person's voice. Its creator, BATM, says higher sound frequencies are a telltale sign that someone is being dishonest.

Real-Time Tumor-Monitoring Rod
"Boston researchers have developed an implantable device that could help doctors monitor whether chemotherapy drugs are reaching tumors. The device could also rapidly verify whether the drugs are working and alert the doctors if the cancer recurs."

Environmental Awareness through Eco-visualization
Eco-visualization technology made by media artists offers a new way to dynamically visualize invisible environmental data. Eco-visualization can take many forms. My own practice of eco-visualization involves animating information typically concealed in building monitoring systems, such as kilowatts or gallons of water used.

Business Good, But You Want GREAT?
Businesses can do well without planning, many do. However,to become a high performing organization, to grow rapidly,a company really needs a planning and monitoring process.Got yours? I sure do have mine!

Nigerian Scammer Joins US Marines
... I am Captain Scott Morgan of the US Marine Force on Monitoring and Peace keeping mission in Baghdad-Iraq.......I am in keen need of a "Reliable and "Trustworthy"? person who would receive, secure and protect these boxes containing the US Dollars for me until my assignment elapses here in Iraq ....

NIH backs circumcision in AIDS fight
The National Institutes of Health will announce at Noon ET Wednesday that two clinical trials in Africa have been stopped because an independent monitoring board determined the treatment was so effective that it would be unethical to continue the experiment.

Left Behind Games Launches Clean and Secure Alternative to MySpace
Left Behind Games Inc. (OTCBB: LFBG) announces it's Beta launch of, an alternative to MySpace and other popular social sites for those who want language filtering, more security and live monitoring. ComScore reports that about 12 percent of all visitors of are less than 18 years of age.

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