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Track Bandwidth Usage with RTG
If you're interested in monitoring bandwidth and have done a little research, you've probably run across MRTG, RRDtool, and Cricket. While these three packages are all fantastic and popular tools, you should also consider a lesser known tool named RTG.

AFGHANISTAN: 'Taliban Taking Over'
The Taliban have regained control over the southern half of Afghanistan and their frontline is advancing daily, a group closely monitoring the Afghan situation said in a report Tuesday.

SEEM ( System Eyes & Ears Monitoring ) AntiRootkit Software
SEEM ( System Eyes & Ears Monitoring ) has rootkit scanner capabilities among it's many features.

N. Korea may test this weekend
Japan's top government spokesman says Tokyo is stepping up monitoring of North Korea amid speculation that the communist nation could carry out a nuclear test as early as this weekend. Media reports have speculated that a test could come as early as Sunday, the anniversary of Kim Jong Il's appointment as head of the Korean Workers' Party in 1997.

Baboon "Gangs" Run Wild in Suburban South Africa
Conflicts between baboons and humans in the suburbs of prosperous Cape Town have gotten so bad that monitoring teams have been deployed to keep the animals away. The large monkeys invade people's homes in the coastal Table Mountain region, sometimes confronting people who try to scare the baboons off.

Secunia warns of 'highly critical' Skype flaw
"Updating to the latest version of Skype for Mac OS X solves a "highly critical" vulnerability that could lead to the remote execution of arbitrary code, vulnerability monitoring firm Secunia said Monday in an advisory."

Tipster picks
Tipster Picks is a sports picks monitoring system for any individual or professional sports handicappers who join us. is also a sportsbook simulation. Registered users of our site can place simulated bets and compete to win prizes.

Information Extraction of Opinions
A consortium of major universities, using Homeland Security Department money, is developing software that would let the government monitor negative opinions of the United States or its leaders in newspapers and other publications overseas.

Monitor IP calls cheaply
IP call recording and monitoring costs have traditionally been high and in many cases it has proved more cost effective to stick with the traditional methods of call recording.

The Most Intelligent Integrated Team Environment - TeamCity
TeamCity provides intelligent, automated running and monitoring of build processes, and facilitates integration of changes for developers working on both .Net and Java platforms.

Server Monitor: Many servers, one browser
Server monitoring it�s a time consuming task for system administrations. If you have one, two or maybe three boxes, that isn�t a difficult task, although many servers leads you to many troubles. The more the complex your network is, more problems you�ll get.

Wireless System Allows Remote Heart Patient Monitoring
A new type of defibrillator is now available that uses bluetooth technology to communicate with physicians to remotely monitor patients.

Space Image of the Day: Antarctic Ozone Hole
This image from September 29, 2006, shows the ozone concentration in the stratosphere above the South Pole observed by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument on NASA's Aura satellite. Greens and yellows show areas with the highest ozone amounts, while blues and purples show where ozone amounts are lowest.

Renewed fighting forces 10,000 Darfuris to flee
Fresh inter-rebel fighting has forced 10,000 Darfuris to seek refuge near a camp of African Union forces monitoring a widely-ignored truce in Sudan's west, sources said on Wednesday.

Computer Forensics Methods For the Home User
Computer monitoring software is not only the solution for businesses, but also for home use.

Map Your Environment
The EPA's website lets you map the area you live in giving you details about regulated sites dealing with toxic materials and air emissions in your area. The site also gives you information about water monitoring and a whole bunch of environmental related stuff concerning whatever zip code or area you put in.

Blair: IRA campaign is over
The Irish Republican Army's campaign in Northern Ireland is over, the British prime minister has said, following a report into paramilitary activity that raised hopes of reviving self-rule.Northern Ireland's ceasefire watchdog, the Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC), said in the report that it believed the IRA..

Google Search Engine Spam Report and Monitoring Website
Spamseum Beta launched. Spamseum is the first search engine spam reporting website. Their mission is to help search engines to keep their index clean by reporting bad websites to them. The beta version is able to report and track the results of the report, currently they support Google, Yahoo! and

GPS New Weapon In Fight Against Avian Flu
"As wild birds ready to take to the skies for their winter migration, birds from space will be monitoring their movements in order to help scientists fight the spread of H5N1—the deadly strain of avian flu virus."

IMSafer, catching Foley's
Review of the recently launched IMSafer IM monitoring solution... I don't know of any other solution that keeps kids lives private and keeps them safe.

Cisco, Cognio Partner to Fight RF Interference
Cisco Systems is partnering with Cognio to bring new RF monitoring capabilities to Cisco's Wireless Control System. Cognio will integrate its Spectrum Expert with WCS so that administrators can see information about their RF environment as a part of their management screens.

Internet Security Threat Monitoring Portal
Integrated e-mail and Internet content security provider Marshal, has today launched its TRACE Center Web site to provide a wealth of up-to-date statistics and information on spam, phishing, viruses and other Internet security threats.

Activa integrates call monitoring with rostrvm predictive dialler in record
Edenbridge and Woking (UK), October 2006 – Activa Solutions, a voice, data, quality and performance management solutions specialist, has integrated its call recording system with Rostrvm Solutions’ automated dialler.

How to oversee an army of servers with PortSensor, a new monitoring tool
PortSensor stands on the shoulders of Unix/Linux and the GNU Project, ingenious examples of combining individually simple tools to do unimaginably useful and creative things. With tools like automated SSH Sensors you can centrally monitor nearly anything you can do at the console of each machine: server load, disk space, mail loads, log files, etc

German Police Told to Target Scientologists
On a side note, the German police are monitoring Scientology and the German government has labeled it a "cult." The German police never monitored Hitler's National Socialist movement nor did they name it a cult. This proves my theory that Scientology is more dangerous than Nazi-ism and that Tom Cruise is worse than Adolf Hitler.

Monitor your organization's news using a tool that's searchable, categorize
How can you really leverage free news outlets together so you can have a free, categorized and searchable archive of news on any topic for reference and monitoring? You can make yourself a pretty useful custom tool using a Bloglines in tandem with major news aggregators. Here's how.

Toyota Launching "ECO Drive Indicator"
oyota is introducing a new feature in its Japanese market automatic vehicles called “Eco Drive Indicator” which alerts the driver when they are driving the vehicle in an ecological manner. The “Eco Drive Indicator” feature turns on a dash mounted display showing the driver is driving the car efficiently by monitoring speed.

MySQL Monitoring Service In The Works
Developers at open-source player MySQL are hard at work on a project code-named "Merlin", which is designed to make it easier for customers to manage and maintain the company's database software, a source close to MySQL says. Merlin is a server-based database monitoring and advisory service which continually scans a user's database network for ...

Magic marker monitors malicious movements
Monitoring troop movements could be made much easier with the introduction of a luminous chemical which works like a gigantic magic marker. German chemical company, Lanxess, have developed a product called Rapidogen, which is invisible to the naked eye, but glows under UV light.

Worldwide call grows for release of Cuban 5
The international campaign to free the Cuban Five — five Cuban nationals who were arrested by the U.S. for monitoring Miami-based exiles trying to bomb and otherwise wreak havoc on Cuba — has sparked solidarity actions in more than 80 countries.

External system status LCD readout for Mac OS X
A popular system monitoring app for Mac OS X known as Hardware Monitor has recently added support for external LCD readouts. All you need: an IO-Warrior USB LCD controller, a compatible LCD panel, a little solder, and - voila! A rolling system status display that can be seen even when running fullscreen games. Can you live without one?

Bounty Hunter Dog Chapman released from ankle bracelet
HONOLULU - TV reality star Duane "Dog" Chapman, out on bail while international criminal charges are pending, had his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet removed Thursday for a trip to New York.

The Best Computer Monitoring Software
Need to monitor your spouse, children or employees? This site will do it for you.

Tracking Live Data Goes Wireless
UC Berkeley scientists are taking advantage of the rapid information transfer provided by wireless communication to improve real-time monitoring for everything from measuring rainfall in a meadow to tracking the health conditions of hospital patients.

HP read instant messages of reporter
WASHINGTON--Hewlett-Packard's effort to plug news leaks included monitoring at least one employee's instant-messaging exchanges with a reporter, according to documents provided to Congressional investigators.

MySQL database monitoring service
A server-based database monitoring and advisory service which continually scans a user's database network for any likely system crashes, bottlenecks or security vulnerabilities, the source said. Under development at MySQL for 22 months, and due to debut late in the fourth quarter of this calendar year or early in the first quarter of 2007.

Psychological Warfare in Elista
After a dramatic start of the World Championship the play on the board has given way to heavy psychological warfare. Our past three reports bear testimony to that. In Elista our correspondent Misha Savinov saw it all developing, including the monitoring of the player's rest rooms and the restrictions of toilet use. Pictures and impressions.

a How-to site, kind of
Help with setting up a web cam for security monitoring.

Mercury LoadRunner Architecture
Here are concise notes on using LoadRunner for performance testing. This is a companion to pages on Vu Scripting, performance monitoring, performance tuning, and reporting.

Blaze Trails from Argentina to Vietnam, Source and Graph Macroeconomic Data
ISI Emerging Markets extended their coverage of the emerging markets by releasing CEIC Data Manager (CDM), an application that gives users a foothold in Eastern Europe, Latin America, North Africa and beyond. Individuals in the field of economic, industrial and financial trend monitoring can utilize powerful graph and chart tools to compile data

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