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S Curves — An Introduction
Project managers often track project schedules and milestones as a mechanism for managing the project and detecting risk. The monitoring is usually at a task level of detail and often quite labor intensive. As it turns out, there is another mechanism for monitoring project state — S Curves.

Linux - Mod Security presentation configuration, monitoring, and tweaking
Paul Gray has been using mod_security for over a year (after one of his servers was compromised), and shares his knowledge of configuration, monitoring, and tweaking... If you can make it through the first 3 minutes of pre-presentation banter the presentation itself is decent

Military Offers $20m Bounty For Positive Press in Mideast
U.S. military leaders in Baghdad have put out for bid a two-year, $20 million public relations contract that calls for extensive monitoring of U.S. and Middle Eastern media in an effort to promote more positive coverage of news from Iraq.

AT&T breach affects 19,000 customers
Now we know how many people were affected by the AT&T Hackers, Online outlaws hacked into an AT&T computer system and stole credit card data on thousands of customers. AT&T has offered to pay for credit monitoring services for those affected.

Site 24x7 - Free Website Monitoring
Site 24x7 is a free service that lets you monitor a site's response time over time and sends alerts if a site is down or slow. You can set how often Site 24x7 monitors the site: the smallest interval is 5 minutes.

Site 24x7 - Free Website Monitoring
Site 24x7 is a free service that lets you monitor a site's response time over time and sends alerts if a site is down or slow. You can set how often Site 24x7 monitors the site: the smallest interval is 5 minutes.

nVidia nTune
NVIDIA nTune is the ultimate software for accessing, monitoring, and adjusting your system components, including temperature and voltages with clear, user-friendly control panels.

AT&T to Offer Credit Checks After Data Hack
AT&T said it would pay for credit monitoring services to customers whose data could be compromised after hackers broke into its system and accessed credit card information for about 19,000 customers.

Customer credit card data stolen
AT&T said Tuesday that it is offering free credit monitoring service to about 19,000 customers whose personal data including credit card numbers were stolen from the Web site of its online store.

Cell / Mobile Phone Email Address Formats
Table of cell/mobile phone email address formats and how you can send an email from your computer to your cell/mobile phone.

Environmental consequences of Israel's attack on Lebanon
In the course of the conflict in the Middle East, the oil-fuelled power plant of Jieh, located directly on the coastline approximately 30 km south of Beirut was hit by Israeli bombs. Information and maps of the resulting oil spill here provided by the Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information - Emergency Mapping and Disaster Monitoring.

Iran Enriching More Uranium
Iranian nuclear specialists have begun enriching a new batch of uranium in an apparent act of defiance just days ahead of a U.N. Security Council deadline for Tehran to stop such work or face the prospect of economic sanctions, officials in Washington and European capitals who have been monitoring Iran's efforts said yesterday.

Recovery Service for OpManager
This article describes how to make use of the Recovery action in the windows services to ensure that your network monitoring software doesn't go down.

Singapore will have nationwide WiFi by 2007
Singapore is promising to have nationwide WiFi by the end of 2006. It'll be interesting to see how an inherently anonymous system like WiFi will play out in a country where a national firewall and monitoring are employed to interdict, catch and punish socially or politically unorthodox Internet users.

Beyond the Bounds of the Periodic Table
Since the 1940s, scientists have been seeking to expand the periodic table by smashing atomic nuclei together to create heavier elements. Rolf-Dietmar Herzberg and his team from the University of Liverpool have given theorists some data to chew on by monitoring energy produced when the atoms in excited nobelium-254 relax.

Interview: Monitoring Social Networking Sites
To find out how tech-aware parents are handling the risks of social networking, I interviewed the founders of BeNetSafe, Michael Edelson and Brad Weber…more…

Network Monitoring Software targets SMBs.
Offering complete visibility and control of network infrastructure, GroundWork Monitor Small Business provides monitoring coverage for organizations with up to 50 networked devices or servers. Software features performance monitoring, real-time status views, and integrated monitoring console.

GM's OnStar: Your future (Big) brother-in-law?
Edward Sanchez discuss his colleague's experience with GM's monitoring system and wonders if it's a step towards Orwell's 1984.

A Practical Look at Security Incident Response
Today many organizations are making a mad dash to implement application security tools. This is based on the many compliance standards which require implementation of application layer tools, the active monitoring of such tools, reporting, along with an incident response process.

Network Monitoring Tools - Networking tutorials
Network monitoring tools can be used to monitor data transfers on your network. Monitoring is a process of capturing link frames in the network and storing these frames in memory. Monitoring also includes viewing the contents of the individual captured frames.

Long-Term Intrusion Detection using Network Monitoring
Network monitoring can alert you about security breaches and intrusions by detecting sudden changes in usage pattern and traffic behavior.

High School Students Build Houses for the Poorest of the Poor
High School students from Holy Cross, Vancouver, B.C., Canada share a video highlighting their experience as they spent a several days building houses for the poor living at a garbage dump in Manila, Philippines. This is part of the "ANCOP" or "Answering the Cry of the Poor" Gawad Kalinga project. United Nations is monitoring this initiative.

Cool new IT monitoring company
When a small company like this starts selling to big boys like Unisys things start getting interesting. Anyone else using this product?

Amazon's Site Outage Raises Scalability Questions
Amazon has built a reputation for being an aggressive, take-no-prisoners kind of company, but it showed its more cooperative side this week.Late last week, Internet traffic monitoring firm Keynote Systems issued a report that said many of the largest e-commerce players will face major load-handling challenges for the holidays if they dont change.

Google's Brew Of Open-Source And Custom Code
But when it comes to the Apache Web Server, one of the most common pieces of open source code, Google eschews the standard issue. "We use very little Apache around here," DiBona says. Google's internally developed Web server has been tuned to provide monitoring and health information for system reliability.

Social Maps Let People Publish their Favorite Locations & Hangouts Online
A growing, new network of social maps and atlases allows people to share their favorite hangouts and locations online; making it likely that savvy investigators, people search professionals as well as legal and law enforcement types will be monitoring these sites with interest as they grow in popularity.

Tapping is not evil, unless it is done without a warrant ...
This enhanced podcast talks about **taping** technology as applied to passive monitoring of networks, comparing the benefits and shortcomings with SPAN port or mirroring of Layer-2 switches. Once a network is tapped, replica traffic can be used for security surveillance, VoIP performance analysis, or even lawful intercept (i.e., wiretapping).

Track Storm Season's Threats With The National Hurricane Center
As storm season once again looms over the coastal Atlantic it's ever more important for residents to keep up to date on possible threats. Stay on track with the National Hurricane Center's website, monitoring and providing up to date information on all tropical storms and hurricanes. Be safe, be smart, and be prepared.

Know your Heart
Watch your diet get plenty of exercise. Quite smoking .These are just some of things you can do to stay healthy as you age. Just as important is monitoring your health through yearly physical; and gynecological examinations.

Seattle firm warned BP about Pipeline
An engineering firm raised a red flag more than four years ago about BP's monitoring of its Alaska oil pipelines, documents show.

Online Peace of Mind with GlowWorm FW Lite
Freeware utility for Mac OS X for monitoring and restricting which applications and processes can access the internet.

Free Internet Monitoring Software
Thanks to a VERY generous donation from PC Pandora we are happy to announce free internet monitoring software for all our members! As always membership is also FREE!

Amazon's Site Outage Raises Scalability Questions
Internet traffic monitoring firm Keynote Systems issued a report that said many of the largest e-commerce players will face major load-handling challenges for the holidays if they don't make big changes by the fourth quarter.

Wi-Fi for heart patients
Remote wireless monitoring of devices has arrived.

Software glitch reveals student loan data
An Education vendor, Affiliated Computer Services Inc. of Dallas, which will provide the credit monitoring for one year, was responsible for a software glitch during a routine software upgrade, said Education spokeswoman Jane Glickman.The personal information included name, birth date and Social Security number, and possibly account data.

The Ins & Outs Of Data Center Environmental Monitoring & Security
Environmental monitoring of your systems is just as important as monitoring the software and hardware. Some good info to get you up to speed on environmental monitoring

What Your Company Should Be Monitoring On The Web
Monitor the items on this list and you'll understand how your company is seen on the web

Content Monitoring and Risk Discovery
Content monitoring is vastly improved when the devices can watch incoming as well as outgoing traffic, and automatically capture, classify and store all analyzed content for later review. Correlation and analysis can be facilitated by intelligent tagging that uses company-defined attributes to put the stored data in context for event correlation.

US contemplates authorizing airline passenger profiling
Homeland security officials in both the U.S. and in Britain are calling for expanded government monitoring and airline passenger profiling. House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King, (R-N.Y.), even suggests pulling those of Middle Eastern descent out of airport lines for additional questioning, Congress Daily reports...

The Basics of Website and Network Monitoring
Website and network monitoring is crucial for many businesses - but how do you do it the right way? This presentation introduces the basics, and is based on the needs of a sample software company which runs a LAN, leased line, website and mailserver. Includes the Top Five Reasons to monitor your network.

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