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5 Wireless Tech Inventions That Doesn't Exist Yet
1] Wi-Fi + RFID skateboard. 2] Office doorway monitoring system. 3] An SED Wi-Fi digital camera. 4] Internet-enabled iPods and iVods. 5] RFID-enabled VIP passcards for nightclubs.

Open Standards Are Threatening Our Power and Water Supplies!
Barry Munns, an Austrailian senior technology auditor, has raised concerns about his profession's awareness of the risks posed by critical infrastructure operators' shift from proprietary systems to open standards-based structures for the management of tasks such as remote control or monitoring of infrastructure, such as substations or water pipes.

Veterans ID Protection Act
This measure will require the VA to provide one year of free credit monitoring and a free annual credit report for the next two years to veterans who are affected by this security breach. The measure also seeks to authorize $1.25 billion to implement the program for the first year.

Bluetooth SIG drafting Medical Device Profile
Your Bluetooth-enabled PC or handset will soon be able to do more than just stream audio and sync data, as the SIG responsible for the wireless protocol has announced a forthcoming profile that will enable pairing with health and fitness monitoring equipment.

Optena Joined Open Management Consortium
Optena Corp. today joined Open Management Consortium. Optena believes that there is lot of standardization work need to done at operating system and server monitoring and management space. There are zillion file formats for network and server configuration in addition to application configurations.

Making the IPod More Sensitive
Apple Computer and Nike's new iPod-sneaker combination for monitoring exercise could be just the first of several activity-aware applications for the iPod -- and maybe even a new gesture interface that uses movement to select songs or adjust the volume.

Is your blog online? See it from your desktop
Have a look at this free tool for monitoring your blog... It tests your site from different locations, and alert you via email, GTalk or sms... It has this Widget, so that you can have your sites and blogs under control. It gives you also data about timings. With this tool you can now talk with your ISPs with evidence.

Another Network Monitor Tool
Automated server and network monitoring tool for digg users...

University of Maryland attempting to block DC++
Found on, U of M's OIT department plans on implementing a system to stop inter-network DC++ and related hub-type filesharing, by monitoring bandwidth usage.

RightMark CPU Clock Utility
is a small GUI application designed for real-time CPU frequency, throttling and load level monitoring and on-the-fly adjustment of the CPU performance level on supported CPU models via processor's power management model-specific registers (MSRs).

Solar spacecraft gets new lease of life
New funding for the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft will extend its mission to spy on the Sun to at least December 2009.The Sun-monitoring mission is jointly operated by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), and blasted off on 2 December 1995. It was originally planned to operate until April 2007.

Sympatico will start monitoring connections (maybe)
A recent change to the Sympatico license agreement states for section 17 that connection monitoring may (or may not) happen from third parties.

A tool for Network Monitoring
ActiveXperts Network Monitor is the leading solution for monitoring all aspects of your LAN and WAN servers, workstations and devices.

Switzerland is planning comprehensive monitoring of Internet traffic
Is the greediness of authorities surveilling their citizens reaching Europe?

Carders Scam Spammers
Spam sponsors are complaining about been ripped off, a factor that allowed net security firm CipherTrust to identify the new ruse during the course of its work monitoring online spam and fraud forums.

New Space Observations Poised to Save Lives from Floods, Landslides
Landslides and floods wreak havoc, and are especially felt in parts of the world without extensive flood and rainfall monitoring ground networks. Using a variety of advanced new observations from space, scientists are beginning to build early warning systems with potentially global reach.

130 Filesharer Homes Raided
"Today, 130 homes have been raided in Germany under the allegation of filesharing. Law enforcement agencies had been monitoring an eDonkey-Server for two months. 3500 identified users are being investigated. Searches took place when users shared more than 500 files."

3,500 People Charged for Music File Sharing
Sucks for them... File sharing networks are receiving increased law enforcement monitoring

All About NSA's and AT&T's Big Brother Machine, the Narus 6400
The Daily Kos takes us behind the scenes of the type of machine(s) AT&T has been using to monitor Internet traffic. The latest generation is called NarusInsight, capable of monitoring 10 billion bits of data per second in real-time.

Dell challenges HP with five new printers
Dell launched an effort Monday to woo customers away from rival Hewlett-Packard Co., releasing five new laser printers and open-standards monitoring software.

PerfMonitor is a processor performance monitoring tool. It allows to track the frequency of 4 events choosen in a set of model-specific list.

Judge OKs MS anti-trust extension
The Judge presiding over the Microsoft anti-trust settlement has agreed to a request by both parties to continue monitoring the company for an additional two years.

AT&T Whistle-Blower's Evidence for Internet Spying
Wired has posted the complete statement of evidence ( of massive scale warrantless NSA Spying) that AT&T tried to suppress for the pending EFF lawsuit. (This relates to the NSA domestic Internet monitoring, not the NSA domestic phone call monitoring.)

Colasoft Co., Ltd. Enhances Network Monitoring Software; Improvements to Co
Colasoft updates network monitoring software to increase Internet security. Colasoft Capsa 6.0 is an efficient protocol analyzer, designed for packet monitoring and network diagnosis.

UK environmental watch agency fined for polluting.
The watchdog agency for the UK wasn't watching it's own subcontractors very well. The subcontractor was building a flow monitoring station when it leaked toxic waste into the River Exe.

Customizing the Multi Router Traffic Grapher
A great article on customizing MRTG into a more powerful network status monitoring tool.

The Ultimate Net Monitoring Tool
The equipment that former AT&T technician Ed Klein learned was installed in the NSA "secret room" in AT&T's San Francisco switching office isn't some sinister Big Brother box designed solely to help governments eavesdrop on citizens' internet communications.

LG Plasma TV 42PX4RV review/specifications
LG Plasma TV 42PX4RV offers a clear, life-like, vivid monitoring. LG insists on marking a new period in delivering splendid picture and sound on a large screen. LG Plasma TV 42PX4RV, with this unique noble masterpiece, you can experience your imagination by the life-like picture.

ServersCheck sues google (suggest)
ServersCheck, the Leuven supplier of monitoring software and hardware for ICT-infrastructure, confirms the article in the Belgian newspaper De Standaard and will begin its case against Google Benelux at the commercial court in Leuven today.

Community-driven uptime monitoring service showing promise
It has made more than 271 million uptime checks since March 20. A community-driven uptime monitoring service called GIGRIB checks websites added by its users. Includes, among others, the exact downtimes for Allofmp3.

Wireless Camera System
Keep you eye on the kids, the pool, the backyard or even your office. This 2.4 Ghz wireless monitor is a great solution for your monitoring needs. $39.99

Hard Drive Monitoring Software
Your relatives' photos, your tourist videos, your diary and notebook, messages from friends, business information and documents - are you ready to lose it all at once?

Systems Managment VMWARE Appliance - OpenESM
This is a link to a blog article that talks about a new VMWARE based systems management and monitoring image. The entire system is based on Open Source software (except for VMWARE) and is available for download, the companies name is OpenESM - their sourceforge site has other software too.

Antibacterial substances untracked in water, food
Tons of chemicals in antibacterial soaps are being released into the environment, yet no government agency is monitoring them or regulating them in water supplies or food. According to a new study, about 75% of a potent bacteria-killing chemical that people flush down their drains ends up in sludge spread on farm field.

Warm Watts for Wireless
"A Tiny new generator that produces electricity from small variations in temperature could turn people into power packs for medical implants and clear the way for complex wireless monitoring systems."

Researchers are developing hand-held acoustic arthritis detector.
Researchers are working to adapt the device that engineers use to detect unsafe buildings and bridges for monitoring arthritis. While MRIs and Ultrasound are already used for this they are bulky and too costly for most doctors to have in the office. Early results are encouraging, but they still have a bit of work ahead.

Free Big Brother System Monitoring Software
Yet another way to monitor multiple OS servers. Here is the free edition of Big brother software from quest software.

Free credit monitoring for PayPal customers
PayPal is offering free Equifax credit monitoring to their users - this is a nice perk and certianly worth it. More information here

SOA Software acquires Blue Titan
SOA Software is the largest pure-play SOA software vendor and they just got bigger with their acquisition of Blue Titan. This is an interesting acquisition in that SOA Software has been positioned in the governance space and Blue Titan, with their Network Director product, is more of a services mediation and monitoring play

Laying the 'Groundwork': Open Source Network Management
Proprietary network management/monitoring tools like HP's OpenView and IBM's Tivoli have lots of bells and whistles, but they're complex and at times not all that easy to maintain, says Groundwork's marketing VP Tony Barbagallo. The company's open source network management offering covers must-haves for the mid-sized business.

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