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temp sensors and mrtg
Temperature monitoring using openbsd's sensor framework and mrtg

Why Should My Company Record Its Calls?
Summarised business case for SME's to invest in call recording and monitoring technology.

Network Performance Daily: Nobody's Fault: Taking the "F" Out of FCAPS
In other words, it's not just about monitoring devices anymore. It's about delivering services, at a reasonable cost, in a reasonable amount of time, where users are increasingly asked to decide what's reasonable, time-wise.

A short guide to Log analysis, intrusion detection and event notification
They can prevent an attack from succeeding and minimize the damage if a security breach occurs. For example, software tools or network monitors can help by constantly monitoring network traffic looking for suspicious patterns or by watching for unusual changes in configuration or system files on a server.

Real time monitoring in Hosted PBX systems
In conventional phone systems, monitoring your call traffic means approaching the phone company. These companies did provide the necessary statistics, but you have to wait for a day or two to get the necessary info. If you really want to monitor your phone network in real-time, the best option that is currently available is a hosted PBX system.

Multi monitoring with style
How to create a great multi-monitor working environment.

Tsarfin Computing Ltd Announces Availability of IPMonitor Version 6.0
Tsarfin Computing Ltd today announces the availability of IPMonitor Version 6.0, the company's flagship product in the network monitoring software market.

nPulse Helps Appliance Developers Leverage Powerful Hardware Acceleration
RESTON, Va., Nov. 28 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- nPulse Networks Systems, a leading integrator of hardware acceleration tools for open-source network monitoring and security applications, announced today that it has released a new toolkit for application developers. The "Catapult toolkit" is a development platform designed for AMD Opteron server syste

Clustered.Net, Upgrades With Virtual Dedicated Server
Hosting solutions company, Clustered.Net, has introduced new virtual private servers, to its portfolio of offerings. Along with the VPS addition, new hardware and independent third party monitoring has been added, up to 1,440 times each day.

Nagios Plugin for Firefox
About Firefox plugin for displaying the problems from the network monitoring system Nagios in Firefox statusbar.

Tracking Xbox News
Trying to track numerous Xbox sites? For anyone that may not already know about, this site take the work out for you, monitoring most of the xbox news sites on the web.

Britain is becoming a “surveillance society”
Police and councils are considering monitoring conversations in the street using high-powered microphones attached to CCTV cameras, write Steven Swinford and Nicola Smith.

Web 2.0: Buzz-Monitoring and Tracking
The best buzz-monitoring, observing and tracking tools aweb-developer might be willing to use analyzing and monitoring his/her recent web-projects.

mytop? A top-like Clone for MySQL
mytop is a console-based (non-GUI) tool that allows you to monitor MySQL 3.22.x, 3.23.x, and 4.x servers by viewing active threads, queries, and overall server performance numbers. mytop was inspired by the popular system monitoring tool "top". It runs on most UNIX systems (including Mac OS X) that have Perl and the DBI and DBD::mysql modules insta

D-Link DCS-3420 Wireless Security Camera
This product offered the monitoring activity in the low lighting condition but also could be supported optional accessories for supervision activity day and night. D-Link DCS-3420 series could connected with wireless network connection up to 54Mbps IEEE 802.11g

UK's insatiable police state now listening to conversations in the street
POLICE and councils are considering monitoring conversations in the street using high-powered microphones attached to CCTV cameras, write Steven Swinford and Nicola Smith.

Iraq: Tripwires a Trippin’: Mary McCarthy
U.S. diplomatic missions around the world are tasked with establishing and monitoring a number of indicators that, when they begin to occur, signal that it’s time to abandon ship. These indicators are termed “tripwires.” By any standards, the tripwires that would close an embassy and send staff and the Ambassador packing for home have been tripped.

Monitor and Restart Apache or Lighttpd Webserver When Daemon is killed
Even if you are away from server and enjoying your vacation, you can perform monitoring and error recovery for Linux or UNIX like system. When you cannot monitor your server for service availability, it is better to take help of automated monitor and restart utility.

42 Uses for RSS/Atom Feeds
Using feeds for SVN repositories, reminders, BitTorrent, software, server monitoring, instant messengering, IOUs, event tracking, music, converting feeds, logging, AdSense earnings, and 'todo' lists.

Senior Anti-Drug/Alcohol/Gambling Employee steals $600,00 to feed his habit
Shoddy monitoring and contracting practices at the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission allowed a senior employee, Lloyd Carr, to divert $634,250 through false contracts to himself and other parties.

Report warns of rise in drug use
The EU's drug monitoring agency has warned of historically high levels of cocaine use amongst Europeans. In a report presented in the Parliament it noted that 65 million people had tried cannabis at least once with 10 million trying cocaine.

Cocaine in the schools? Come again?
The past 15 years show a steady increase in the use of cocaine amongst children age 12 to 17, from 0.7% in 1991 to 2.4% in 2004. In addition, the 2005 Monitoring the Future Survey on teens' attitudes and recent drug use found that 2.4% of eighth-graders, 2.5% of 10th-graders, and 3.5% 12th-graders reported using crack in their lifetime.

Linux Temperature Monitoring using the DS1820 - Via Hacked Gadgets
An array of cheap DS1820 temperature sensors are hooked up in a rack mount system. All of the readings are logged in a Linux system.

Webroot's Spy Sweeper 5.0 for $12.99 online at
SPY SWEEPER 5.0SAVE $17 INSTANTLY. WAS $29.99 NOW $12.99.3 DAYS ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST# Most comprehensive anti-spyware solution available# Continuous monitoring to stop spyware before it can attack# Advanced detection and removal capabilities# Automated updates to keep you protected from the latest threats# Free customer support

Network and Servers Monitoring With High Performance Zabbix
Zabbix has the capability to monitor any event on your network from network traffic,servers to the number of papers left in a printer.This is step by step tutorial how to monitor your networks and servers with zabbix monitoring system with all the installation screenshots

EU agency finds data transfers to U.S. by Swift illegal
A European Union monitoring agency concluded Wednesday that a banking consortium (Swift) breached EU data protection rules when it gave the Bush administration access to millions of records of private financial transactions.

MySQL Looks To Make Database Administrators' Jobs Easier
MySQL this week started shipping a new enterprise version of its MySQL Server 5.0 database that eases the workload of database administrators. The new version comes with an expert advisory service built in, as well as monitoring information and problem-identifying alerts offered on a dashboard.

Drugmakers' payments to FDA for reviews to increase by 29%
WASHINGTON -- Drugmakers have agreed to a nearly 29 percent increase in payments to federal regulators to ensure speedy approvals of new medicines and step up safety monitoring, a person familiar with the deal said Tuesday. Representatives of drugmakers and their trade associations also agreed for the first time to pay fees to have ...

Nationalists rail against new MI5 role in Ulster
«The implication that MI5 will focus chiefly on dissident republican paramilitaries and leave the monitoring of loyalist groups to the Police Service of Northern Ireland - because they are not deemed to constitute a threat to the state - has further angered nationalists.»

Proposed Acquisition of ProTech Inc., World's Largest GPS Offender Tracking
Dmatek Ltd., the London listed provider of leading electronic monitoring technologies, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement to acquire US based ProTech Monitoring, Inc. (PTM), for a consideration of $12.5 million in cash payable on completion, to be settled through the Company's existing cash reserves.

Touchscreen Controlled Kart - No Steering Wheel
The driver initiates the maneuver on the touch screen, where the range readings from a laser scanner are shown. There is no steering wheel in this car. And it moves autonomously for perpendicular parking while monitoring its surroundings to avoid collisions. (sorry for the music, you better turn off your speakers)

Robot Reads Books to Kids, Teaches English, World Domination Likely
CUBO can read books to kids, teach English, provide "home monitoring", give a wake-up call, and even comes with something called "robot mail." We're not sure what that is, but we're hoping that it isn't the sinister communications channel that we've been fearing all robots have for when they take over the world with their collective cuteness.

Casino Royale already reaches 200,000 illegal downloads on net
Casino Royale has also been illegally downloaded 200,000 times, according to internet monitoring company Envisional. Two pirated versions were available for free access on public file-sharing networks over the weekend, it said.It is believed that one was recorded by camcorder in Russia, while the other is thought to have come from Italy. Jeez.

Cameras in Dressing Rooms - Legal?
"....In every state, video monitoring for purposes other than theft prevention is illegal. Such conduct could fall under laws prohibiting voyeurism, which is the act of...."

Best Practices for Monitoring Business Transactions, part 2 of 2
A frequently contentious decision for selecting a business transaction monitoring solution is whether to use active or passive technology. Which is better? Well, it all depends on what you want to measure.

Best Practices for Monitoring Business Transactions, part 1 of 2
"Monitoring business transactions over the network has never been more critical to operational efficiency. Yet, there's much confusion over methodology. The implementation choices consist of different deployment strategies..."

James Bond: 200,000 illegal downloads
Internet monitoring company Cambridge-based Envisional said that two pirated versions of the blockbuster were available on well-known public bittorrent websites such as Mininova and TorrentSpy and across a wide range of peer to peer networks.

Myspace hunt for 35 year old man impersonating a Frozen Turkey.
It has come to the attention of Myspace Security Team that a man from unknown origin has been passing himself off as a frozen X-mas Turkey.One insider said"This guy is a master of disguise. He is using highly advance techniques to escape our rigorous monitoring system. $104 million regular Myspace users have already bid for him."TFF!!

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