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How to Protect Your Corporate Finances
The National White Collar Crime Center estimates that as many as 66 percent of all employees would abuse a position of financial trust. Negligence in monitoring financial data can potentially result in disastrous losses on all levels, including time, money, opportunities, and reputation.

Was The Skype Outage Caused By Government Monitoring?
On Sunday, August 5, 2007 Bush signed the revised Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

Wikipedia scandal...
Wikipedia scandal. A program was created and it monitored Wikipedia. Here is just a few things it found out. Apple edit Microsoft entries, adding more negative comments about its rival. In return, Microsoft edits Apple entries, adding more negative comments about its rival. Bill Gates revenge? Read more...

About these rumors
Is Castro dead (again)? Fausta Wertz,s resident Caribbean expert, has been monitoring Cuban radio and writes: This week has been abuzz with rumors regarding Fidel Castro. Over the past eight days dozens of people have told me that the announcement of Castro's death is imminent.

Pirater Forced to use Windows over Linux
Part of convicted pirater Scott McCausland probation requires that he have monitoring software installed on his computer to check for illegal activity, no problem. But the monitoring software only supports Windows which is not his OS of choice...interesting article, not that I agree with the convicts request or approach to pay for the new OS.

Not what Democracy looks like
The most recent Palestinian attempt at democracy worked like this: Palestinians, in a 2006 election that international monitors declared free and fair, chose Hamas to represent them. The United States, Israel, and other Western nations told Palestinians they had made the wrong choice.

Iraq Violence: Monitoring the Surge
The BBC takes a look at the numbers. How has the surge affected the violence in Iraq and the quality of life in Baghdad during the past two months?

Ashampoo AntiSpyWare v2.01 Multilingual (WIN)
Ashampoo AntiSpyWare - antishpionskaya program, which closely monitors all changes in the system, thereby not allowing the computer to find any "spying" program - every spyware, viruses, interceptors Cybiko input, adware, etc. In addition, to block the flow of advertising through RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, WinZip, ICQ.

Looking for the best price on a 19" LCD monitor?
would suggest staying away from the cheapest LCDs unless you want to chance having little green red etc dots on your display that never go away. There's something called pixel criteria that most manufacturers go by that basically says that they will not exchange a monitor unless you have at least 8 dead pixels.

Fidel Castro Deathwatch: El Comandante Wants YOU To Tell Us If He's Dead
For months now, we've been on a vigil monitoring the Communist dictator's health as reflected in the news. Now that rumors have caught on that he's actually dead and Cuba's faking it, we want YOU to come forward with anything that'd validate (or pull apart) this speculation.

NukAlert - Warns you of Radiation
The NukAlert is a keychain device which you can carry 24/7. It is designed to work as a personal radiation meter, monitor and alarm. When radiation is near by, the NukAlarm will warn you of the danger. When the danger is near an audible tone can be heard similar to a Geiger counter.

Wideband released new monitor, and dang it is sweet.
The fs[ix] Professional Monitor Console has one 20" wide screen in the middle, and two 17" lcds on the sides tilted inward for the maximum coverage.

Sweetest Computer Chair You'll see Today
Forget the computer chair that turns into a gamer chair and stool, how about one that holds your keyboard, mouse, 4 monitors, 5.1 speakers, and allows you to lay down and work!

China Moves Against Christian Groups
Authorities have increased arrests on Christian groups operating outside China's sole official government church following a crackdown ordered last month, an overseas monitoring group reported today ...

Ex-astronaut wants ankle bracelet off
Former astronaut Lisa Nowak, accused of attacking a romantic rival, asked a judge Friday to let her remove her electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, saying that it cuts her ankle and gets in the way of her military boot laces.

1 year of Pingdom free for Firefox users
If you sign up for Pingdom uptime monitoring using a Firefox browser you will get a whole year for free (saving you $119.40). The offer is valid until Saturday. Sounds interesting? Visit the Pingdom sign-up page! (You don’t need a credit card.)

Extreme car modification
This Car is Bmw 645 convertible, is modified by Alpine work, name as Sinister Six. This car equipped 26-inch wheel, interior has at least 7 monitor andinstalled four 12 inch basses sound boxes and seven 4 inch speakers while the vehicle.

E-mail stress slowing down workers, say researchers
E-mail is to blame for productivity lapses and worker stress, according to a new study by researchers from Glasgow and Paisley universities. Psychologist Judith Ramsay, statistician Mario Hair, and computer science professor Dr. Karen Renaud surveyed and monitored 177 employees in order to find out how they deal with ...

We Can Hear You Now - Telecoms Spy on Customers - The Ag - News Summary - N
Time Magazine gives its take on one of the potential downsides of convergence: corporate and government agenciesworking together to accumulate data on the citizenry. This is truly a tough call because if everyone knows that they are being monitored people will change their behavior and the government does have a responsibility to protect us.

Cool handheld Wound Monitor
Gives infromation about your wound, such as how deep it is ect...

Court orders Linux user to use Windows.
Microsoft's corporate influence forces a Linux user to use Windows since there is no monitoring software for Linux.

Weird Justice forced to change to windows
We seriously doubt that the government or police agency is going to make a Linux port of the monitoring software, but he might be able to use a virtual machine to solve his problems. Load up a raw Windows OS and then the monitoring software, and if possible tell it to monitor all IP addresses for the machine at the card level by using something lik

DIY: Pervasive health monitor keeps tabs on your vitals
If you think your heart rate-monitoring wristwatch is hot stuff, a homegrown creation from the Berkeley Institute of Design is apt to put that to shame.

Lms 1.0. A web based tcpmon like tool to debug webservices
Lms is an acronym for Logging Meta Service; its goal and use are very similar to the Axis' tcp monitor's goals.The most important Lms added value is that it is a web application accessible from all developer team members using a common browser.Lms is a JBoss-deployable application.

US Intel Gathering is Constitutional
Phone eavesdropping was going on in Clinton administration, and warrantless eavesdropping only involves foreigners. A warrant is sought when people in the US are monitored.

Government to monitor blogs
The government is set to start monitoring discussions about policy on blogs, so now's your chance to appear on even more 'watchlists'

Ex-astronaut to testify at hearing, make post-arrest public statements
Former astronaut Lisa Nowak is expected in court Friday and will make her first public statements since her Feb. 5 arrest, her lawyer said. Nowak, accused of attacking Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman in a parking lot at Orlando International Airport, is expected to ask a Circuit Court Judge for her release from a GPS ankle monitoring bracelet.

BizRights software builds a SOX OBA
Independent software vendor Approva provides a monitoring and auditing solution. Its BizRights Platform and Enterprise Controls Suite addresses all of the major financial and operational business processes including financial close, procurement, sales, customer fulfillment, and payroll.

Office computer monitoring growing more sophisticated
Whenever a doctor, nurse or administrator in Georgia's DeKalb Medical Center sends an e-mail, the message detours through a special box in the three-hospital system's computing cluster. The box analyzes the e-mail, scanning for sensitive information like patient names, prescription histories and Social Security numbers.

Boeing Border Effort Faces Delays
The government's plans for monitoring as much as 6,000 miles of the Canadian and Mexican borders hinge on towers such as these working properly. If they prove ineffective, officials could be forced to spend billions of dollars for more traditional security measures, such as fences and more officers.

WoW Trojan Infected IT management firm EDB -- MMOsite News Center
Internet monitoring firm Websense has claimed that IT management firm EDB is hosting malicious files on its web page and one of virus is a World of Warcraft Trojan.

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