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Internet buzz and The Oscars
The oscars and nominated directors, actresses, actors and everybody else generate quiet a bit of buzz online. What about each of The Oscars' nominated Best Pictures? Can Internet Sentiment Analysis predict the winners? Although just emerging, the explosion of consumer generated media makes online buzz monitoring an increasingly viable tool to take

Look at Sarbanes-Oxley Like Brakes on a Car
Sarbanes-Oxley implementation is like the brakes on your car, says Phil Livingston, a CPA and corporate audit committee chair. Good implementation, complete with automated controls and continuous monitoring systems, allows companies to quickly identify and correct weak controls.

Simple Perl server monitoring script with notification via mail
This is a simple but nice server monitoring script that only needs two dependencies: sendmail and fping. It can monitor multiple servers at once and sends notifications via individually assigned email address for each host. You can also send notifications via SMS if your cellular provider offers an email to SMS gateway. Check it out and digg it up!

Astream Wins "Best Streaming" Award at the ISPAs
ISP industry judges and monitoring prove Astream is the number one streaming provider.Astream today announced the receipt of the prestigious ISPA (Internet Service Providers Association) Award for "Best Streaming", beating the competition in a process that started in October 2006.

New Parental Monitoring Software Can Effectively Track A Child's Online Act
Secure Network Online is now offering an easy to use parental monitoring software designed to track and ultimately protect children from the dangers of unsupervised Internet surfing

How bad can it be, I mean how fast can your brand's reputation go south?
The value of online media monitoring and why Yum Brands (KFC & Taco Bell) would have benefited from it.

Three Trends to Watch at HIMSS
Security, management and monitoring, and availability should be three major topics at this year's HIMSS conference in New Orleans. Here's PC Blade Daily's take on the issues.

High Tech Monitoring System 'Protecting' Students
We are quickly sleep-walking into a SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY as described in George Orwell's 1984...

Google : a Paper On Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population
The Google engineers just published a paper on Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population. Based on a study of 100,000 disk drives over 5 years they find some interesting stuff. To quote from the abstract: 'Our analysis identifies several parameters from the drive's self monitoring facility (SMART) that correlate highly with failures. Despite

No Defrag Progress Monitoring in Vista.
Apparently since XP defrag monitoring was inaccurate and obtrusive, no Vista defrag progress monitoring. Instead it runs unobtrusively as a low-level I/O and CPU task when it can - and stops/slows soon after user activity is detected.

How To Prevent Errors on Your Credit Report
By monitoring your credit report you will save yourself a lot of problems or unpleasant surprises when you have to get that credit card or if you're considering buying a home. You will also be aware of any potential problems that may stop the credit grantor from approving you for the credit you seek.

Who watching us?
This article is pretty insane in describing the truths and myths of online monitoring!

Apple and Lithium: (Attractive) Network Monitoring
While the iPhone and AppleTV and all the rest got all the press at Macworld, there was one product that was impressing the heck out of everyone in the networking/IT space: the Lithium Network Monitoring Platform, from LithiumCorp.

North Korea Has Enough Plutonium for 4 to 8 Nuclear Warheads
Korea's nuclear warheads could potentially be mounted on medium-range missiles, a Washington-based think tank said.The amount of radioactive material in the communist nation is key to monitoring its compliance with a Feb.13 agreement to disarm, under which the North is required to declare all nuclear programs and material to international inspector

The Newest Google Labs Project!
One of the latest innovations to the Google Labs is an unlisted product. Scouring over the web for what seemed like hours, I was looking for the best site statistics and monitoring available, at a great price (free). Google's got it!

A Car that Detects Intruders by Monitoring Their Heart Rate
When in range, you'll always know the status of your car. Locked or unlocked. Alarm activated or not. If the alarm has been activated, the heart beat sensor will also tell you if there is someone inside the car. An innovative way to detect intruders, but why not just have the alarm go off or lock the car to keep the intruder out in the first place.

iSlayer releases 9 system monitoring gadgets for windows sidebar
iSlayer have released a set of 9 gadgets for windows sidebar that let you monitor cpu usage, memory usage, wireless signal strength and battery usage. All the gadgets are free. Most of the gadgets are also available for Yahoo Widget Engine (mac + pc) and dashboard (mac only)

Nagios HowTo: Using NRPE to Monitor Remote Systems
This is the second part of a three part whitepaper on the advanced configuration of the popular Nagios Network Monitoring system.

It is Spreading! Monitoring Internet Activity Proposed in Europe
Several countries in Europe are now proposing to monitor various forms of Internet and phone communications, this time in order to catch terrorists instead of child pornographers, as was the case with the SAFETY Act proposed by Lamar Smith and debated here at The Seminal.According to the New York Times article...

Bald eagle population booming thanks to Alabama and Feds help
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to remove the bird from the Endangered Species List in June, saying the eagle only needs monitoring now that it has successfully repopulated the lower 48 states. With more than 100 nesting pairs, Lake Guntersville, AL has become one of the best places in the country for guaranteed sightings.

OSSEC, the #2 Open Source IDS on Fyodor's List Releases Version 1.0
OSSEC is an Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System. It performs log analysis, integrity checking, Windows registry monitoring, rootkit detection, time-based alerting and active response.

Worlds Biggest Outhouse Test Slated for Australia...
New Scientist reports that: - "The largest carbon burial experiment in the world began in earnest on Thursday when the drilling of a 2100-metre well began in the Otway Basin, on the coast of southern Australia. The project promised the most comprehensive monitoring for leaks to date"...

Tiger Whisker's Wind Monitor
A new revolutionary wind monitoring system, check it out.

Daring DIY'er devises homegrown heart monitoring device
Interested in making his own mark in biomedical engineering, a crafty individual set out to build his own electrocardiograph for nothing more than fun, but rather than keeping his homegrown work all to himself, he busted out a set of instructions in order for us less inventive souls to replicate the process

New Booklet Saves Kids from Predators
A new e-booklet explains how common parental monitoring software is bypassed.

Search is the Internet OS!: Social search is all the buzz.
Social search is gaining quiet a bit of momentum these days. Social search is rising in popularity for about the same reasons Internet sentiment analysis, online buzz monitoring and brand reputation management are.

The Other Digital Rights Management
The ability to identify sonic elements of modern recorded music is an important type of Digital Rights Management. It is important for calculating performance royalties, sync rights and monitoring moral rights and parody rights. It is understandable that the industry is focused on the immediate threat to its bottom line...

Bald eagle population booming thanks to Alabma and Feds help
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to remove the bird from the Endangered Species List in June, saying the eagle only needs monitoring now that it has successfully repopulated the lower 48 states. With more than 100 nesting pairs, Lake Guntersville, AL has become one of the best places in the country for guaranteed sightings.

Who Is Monitoring Your Domain Searches?
It has happened to most of us: A perfect domain name pops into your mind. A quick check at your favorite domain registrar reveals that the domain is still available. For some reason, you put off the actual registration for a few days. And when you come back to finally register the domain, it’s taken by someone else! In many cases, this is ....

Installation de Nagios sur Fedora
Voici les étapes   suivre pour installer Nagios (le "bien connu" outil de monitoring réseau "open-source") sur un serveur Fedora.

StealthSurfer III Review
Web surfing is becoming quite a dangerous thing to do. If you are at work you have to worry about them monitoring you. If you are at home you have to worry about people stealing your personal information.The StealthSurfer III makes the claim that they can help you remain anonymous at home or at work.

Nagios HowTo Notification Escalations, EventHandlers & Remote Service Mon.
A nice howto on using the advanced configuration options of Nagios monitoring software.

Child Flu Deaths Have Schools Worried
Midway through the month when influenza typically peaks, health officials were monitoring four hospitalized Nebraska children, while three North Carolina schools remained closed over widespread symptoms of the illness....350 students out sick Friday...

Great monitoring tool for MySQL - Free download
I got to know my MySQL server health in 10 mins, as they claim in the web-site!

Security bugs in Security conference site
I've been monitoring this blog for a while,he managed to find multiple XSS vulnerabilities on a conference website,I was planning on attending.The conference is in Bangalore, called LegionSec & I was interested in the tracks offered namely human impact & secure coding,but now,Iam skipping it after seeing this blog post.

MON.ITOR.US Opens its Platform for Developers
The portal is designed to be a primary destination for collaboration, advancement and innovation in the systems management and monitoring area. MON.ITOR.US opens the source code of its widgets which enables developers to learn and enhance them collectively.

PBS Documentary reports on government surveillance of private e-mails
Fascinating documentary about recent evidence of U.S. government access and review of personal electronic mail. News about the alleged program came to light when a former AT&T employee, Mark Klein, blew the whistle on what he believes to be a large-scale installation of secret Internet monitoring devices.

Diggnation, Sponsorships and Freebies
Sponsorship really is a very tricky business. Every time a corporate entity tries to sponsor a smaller entity, the communities participating or monitoring either entity will be up in arms. The problem is the somewhat incorrect perception people have that if you are sponsoring someone or give them a freebie...

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