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MON.ITOR.US Releases the First Mobile Ajax Monitoring client
MON.ITOR.US, a leading provider of free global Web Key Performance Indicators monitoring, as a part of its strategy to deliver the most complete website monitoring and management experience, releases a Mobile Ajax client, enabling real-time mobile access for its services.

Charity organization monitoring social media tools
Increasingly, non profit businesses, especially those with international reach, will need to engage their audience in a more participative and transparent manner. This will become crucial to maintain credibility and monitor reputation in the market, in view of the growing influence of the Internet as a medium for sharing feedback.

Ubuntu Linux(All Distros) Network Traffic Monitoring tools With examples
This is very detailed Network Traffic Monitoring tools for ubuntu and all other linux distros with examples and scrennshots.Very useful for all linux users and administrators

Ubuntu Server / Desktop Monitoring With Cacti
Learn More about Ubuntu Server / Desktopn Monitoring With Cacti

BSA: "Move over RIAA, we're gonna keep an eye on BitTorrent!"
"The Business Software Alliance(BSA) went after a BitTorrent user in the UK for downloading “unlicensed copies of copyrighted computer programs" the BSA now monitoring BitTorrent like the RIAA?

Spam makes up 85 per cent of email
Nearly 17 out of 20 email messages sent are spam, according to a survey. Network and email monitoring company Ipswitch has released it's sixth 'Spamometer' report, in which it details findings about the frequency and content of unsolicited email messages or 'spam'.

Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0)
This document describes HTCPCP, a protocol for controlling, monitoring, and diagnosing internet-connected coffee pots.

Glucose monitoring systems developer Glucon closed $25 million round
Glucose monitoring systems developer Glucon has closed a private financing round led by global venture capital firm 3i plc. Glucon declined to disclose financial figures for its fifth round, but according to IVC research the Israeli medical device company closed a $25 million round.

Google's Checkout actually helping PayPal?
Google's high-profile Checkout service, promoted heavily during the holiday season, may have actually helped rather than hurt PayPal. "We have been monitoring this quite closely, and what is interesting is that when a new entrant creates a lot of interest and news, it is the market leader that is usually the beneficiary," Whitman said.

Waffle House Manager Arrested for Being a Peeping Tom
A Waffle House manager was arrested yesterday in Villa Rica Georgia for placing hidden cameras in the bathrooms and monitoring them from computers.

Computer Surveillance What Does it Offer?
Computer monitoring software can uncover exactly what computer users are doing online. Anyone interested in installing this type of software, though, needs to select the program carefully.

New Web Monitoring Company being launched
This is an amazing service, as a beta tester for their new monitoring solution, I was very impressed.

TMO Quick Tip - Desktop System Monitoring
There are some useful tools available for tracking what's happening on your Mac, but sometimes the old-school command line offers you exactly what you want to know in that special way that Unix pros just love. Enter GeekTool.

Report Urges Reinvestment in Earth Observation Missions
"Without the reinvestment, the report warns, the number of U.S. satellites monitoring the Earth’s climate could drop from 29 today to seven by 2017."

The IT Monitoring FAQ
IT Monitoring lets you track the interactions of hardware, software, and personnel in your organization.'s "IT Monitoring FAQ" helps get you started by answering the most frequently asked questions of IT Monitoring buyers.

Top 10 Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol Without Drugs
Mention high blood pressure, and most people consider the possibility of heart attack or stroke. Talk about high cholesterol, and many individuals brush the condition aside as a problem for another day. When a doctor suggests monitoring cholesterol, take a proactive approach. Begin implementing 10 ways to lower your cholesterol without drugs.

MON.ITOR.US offers free webanalytics & site monitoring
Monitor your site or the site of your competitor. Pretty cool tool. Register now and get a free upgrade for their premium services. Already 15000 sites are monitored. Check it out

Expert Website Monitor free download tool
Expert Webmaster is a server monitoring tool that detects your website or network status and estimate the server availability. This webmaster package finds out whether your website is offline/online or network speed (Uptime/Downtime) status. It produces alarm when found that the particular site is offline or given IP address is not found.....

Lunar Transient Phenomena
If you stare at the Moon long enough, you start seeing things. "82 things to be exact," says Bill Cooke, leader of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Group. That's how many "transient phenomena" the group has video-taped since they started monitoring the night side of the Moon in Nov. 2005.

Parental Control Software
Reviews say SafeEyes, CyberPatrol and ContentProtect all do a good job blocking questionable Web sites, filtering instant messaging and monitoring kids’ time on the computer or time online; they also allow you to set up different protection levels for each child. But these three Internet filters also have a unique feature or two.

Keep spywares away from your PC!
CyberDefender AntiSpyware offers ultimate early detection and protection from invasive spyware on your computer. With quickly-updated information from our cutting-edge, high-speed detection network, AS-2006 scans your hard drive and reports security risks that could be monitoring your on- line actions or sensitive personal information

Brand Monitoring in the age of Web 2.0
Companies need new ways to see what's being said about them these days. It's no longer a matter of just checking the newspapers, magazines and tv. YouTube, blogs, and lot's of other elements are having a major impact on consumer purchasing decisions and brand value. This is an interesting write up with a link to an analyst report on the subject.

Network Management 640K Limitation
"In my post from last week, I discussed SNMP history and limitations. Strange to think that because of decisions made in 1988, network management ended up purely focused on performance and monitoring." Experiences Overnight Web Site Outage, According To Monitoring
BestBuy website is down for 9 hours

Serbia nationalists claim victory
The nationalist Serbian Radical Party (SRS) has a clear lead in the country's elections, early results suggest.An election monitoring group said the Radicals had taken 28.5% of the vote, but they are not expected to find partners to form a governing coalition.

Save Time And Energy Looking For Diabetes Supply
There are discounted stores and offers out there for diabetes supply, but be careful on saving money on items that are for your well-being. Your diabetes diet and supply kit for monitoring your condition are two important things in keeping healthy in the long run

Become a better athlete with Heart Rate Training!
Monitoring your heart rate during exercise is an excellent way to improve performance, avoid overtraining, and track your progress. Heart rate training is popular because it is easy to monitor and for most athletes if offers a practical way to measure exercise intensity. Heart rate training relies on the fact that as your exercise intensity increas

British Intelligence Monitoring Every UK Muslim That Visited Mecca
Operation targeting trips to the holy city in Saudi Arabia by more than 100,000 British Muslims is part of an attempt by MI5 and MI6 for information about movements of suspected terrorists. It follows evidence that British Islamic terrorists have visited the city before carrying out attacks in Britain and abroad.

Monitoring the JVM with SNMP
Since Java 1.5, Sun's JVM has included an SNMP agent which is quite handy for keeping an eye on your Java apps using your existing monitoring toolset. Here's how to set up OpenNMS to monitor an app server and produce pretty graphs such as the one below, alongside your other SNMP collected metrics like CPU load and memory usage.

IFPI planning to sue Hong Kong bloggers for background music
IFPI HK said they will monitor all Hong Kong blogs, 24hours per day, in 2007. They will send warning letters or sue bloggers who use copyrighted music on blog, e.g. background music. Meanwhile, IFPI said they may setup website for bloggers to use music legally, and may be free of charge. So what's the point of monitoring blogs and suing people now?

Saeco Glossary: Definitions from A to Z
1. What is a fully automatic coffee machine? It is a coffee machine equipped with built-in coffee grinder, bean container, water container, dozer, water heater, pump for making coffee, waste container and electronic system for monitoring the process of brewing coffee and for setting the coffee machine. An automatic coffee machine makes esp

Server Monitoring: Alternatives to Nagios
Although Nagios looks like it will be an adequate solution to network monitoring, there are alternatives. Here are the the first two I've come across for my "just in case this doesn't work" list: OpenNMS and Zenoss. I'm sure there will be others, but this is a place to start.

Wordpress not working with technorati anymore?
WordPress seems to have removed the incoming links monitoring they have provided working with Technorati.

On Board Diagnostics - Pt 1
"The On board Diagnostics, or OBD is yet another computer system built into all vehicles in the late 80s to assist in the monitoring of the engines performance in the interest of emissions monitoring. Well that's how it started anyway."

Spy Cameras Can Be Anywhere
Most hidden cameras have lighting adjustments that allow them to record images in both brightas well as dim light; which truly makes them a reasonable spy camera. Easily hidden wireless spy cameras can be used simultaneously for expanded monitoring and scanning between them for multiple coverages.

Server monitoring with Nagios
The start of a journey where various server monitoring things are considered. The journey begins with Nagios.

Free price monitoring service. Wait, look and buy!
This is good news for all shoppers...

SNMP’s Big Trade-off
"SNMP was highly successful as a monitoring and performance management protocol. It just wasn’t rich enough for configurations. Why not?"

Google takes the initiative to stop blogspam
"Apparently if you have a blog hosted under Google's they will be monitoring it for blog spam. I was reading another forum and stumbled upon a story of a blogspot user who received an automated email from Google about his blog possibly being blog spam."

Free Proxy Service, that allows you to surf with Privacy and Security Tryit
ProxyDeath is a free web-based anonymous proxy service, which allows anyone to surf the web with privacy and security. There is no software to install, and it is completely free! By using UltimateSecurity, you can surf websites but hackers or website owners cannot identify or track you. The service hides your IP address, and it prevents monitoring

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