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Web Site Referral Script
Best small script around for monitoring your web site referrals

Freeware Traffic Shaper for Windows
A free windows program for limiting bandwidth. It will filter by IP address, MAC address (for DHCP networks), domain name and port.Has built-in TCP acknowledgement prioritization to give full downstream bandwidth when the upstream is congested, useful for ADSL connections that have slower upload speeds. Also does traffic monitoring.

is a tool that allows you to easily monitor what everyday people and the media have to say about any desired topic. Whether you are keeping an eye on your business competitors, looking for the latest opinions on your favorite sports team, or simply getting a daily scoop on what people are saying about you, zudos makes all of this easy.

Top Five Signs that Big Brother is Watching You
From Domestic Wiretapping and databases of civilian activity to monitoring of emails and instant messages, this list of recent revelations on the big brother-esque activities of Uncle Sam is definitely worth a read. Some of these stories have been circulating for a few weeks but a few of them broke this morning.

Beryl lacks dual video card support for extended desktops.
Upgrading to two video cards can mean losing the use of beryl if you have dual monitors

Prevent burn-in on plasma screens
This utility can prevent annoying marks on plasma screens by monitoring how the screen is used and displaying an inverse burn image to equalize damage. Neat preventative solution for anyone who has a plasma screen connected to a PC.

MUST SEE: Flashing Keyboard LED-Lights Acts As A Network Monitor
This is a simple step-by-step guide on how to get the Num, Caps and Scroll Lock key led-lights to act as a network monitor, showing upload and download activity. Cool Flashing and blinking shows you activity while using those unusual LED-lights

Solar flares can damage the protective Ozone Layer
U.S. scientists believe an 1859 solar flare destroyed more of the Earth's ozone than did a 1989 solar flare -- the strongest ever monitored by satellite.

Stethoscope - Digital Stethoscope
Stethoscopes are made in two major models as far as the tubes go: single and double tubes; single tubes split into two separate tube, and the doubles do not have to split. A small monitor for blood pressure used with a stethoscope should be all the instruments needed to make a good diagnostic check of a healthy person's heart...

MacUpdate and Versiontracker Downloads count Widgets
2 Widgets for monitor and display your programs downloads on 2 of the most popular Mac Program Publisher site of the Net.

How CNN tells parents to protect their children from online predators
Parents need to become more Web savvy. Do not let a child have a computer in his or her bedroom Monitor your child's surfing, "Google" his or her name

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Social media sentiment analysis - Clinton and Obama
A myriad of Internet sentiment analysis applications are emerging such as monitoring blogs for coverage, tone polarity and semantic categorization of pretty much anything from consumer brands, to products and services, events, generic entities and of course individuals including celebrities and politicians

Tiny implant could monitor cancer
The spread of cancer and the effect of drugs to combat it could be closely monitored using tiny implants.

Debugging Stored Procedures and UDFs in SQL Server 2000
You would always have a need to debug your stored procedures (and functions even though debugging functions directly is not supported by the T-SQL Debugger in SQL Server 2000). SQL Server 2000 (Query Analyzer) comes equipped with a T-SQL debugger that allows you to control and monitor the execution of stored procedures. If you do need to debug...

iStatPro Update
islayer have updated their istat pro widget for OS X. iStat pro (3.4) is the ultimate free system monitoring widget, consisting of nine sections which can be minimized, expanded, or closed.

JavaScript+Flash App for V8 Racing - Live Video, Telemetry, Track Positions
It's written in JavaScript and uses Flash as a 'dumb' display terminal, providing me with a simple and highly reactive coding environment coupled to lovely anti-aliasing and scaling via Flash. The panels are detachable and can be made to detach, re-size and go full screen, so if you have multiple monitors, you can really have a good time. :)

If you are Happy, the Robot Knows it! 8^)
Robots that respond to people's emotional cues are increasingly relevant An MIT robot, RoCo, is a computer monitor and display that can shift its position via a jointed neck in order to establish sympathy with the user's mood.

Apple TV doesn't require a "TV" to work
You don't need an "HDTV-ready" or other "TV" LCD to use Apple TV. Just plug it into any DVI-capable desktop computer monitor. Widescreen is recommended to avoid a squeezed picture though. Another Digg article said a 22" Widescreen LCD goes for $300 these days. Don't click through to the blog entry, no additional info really.

Monitoring Databases - what’s wrong with that?
Most database monitoring systems aren’t from the DBMS vendors as you might think, but a hodge-podge of 3rd party vendors that seem to want to charge more than I make in a lifetime for database monitoring software. They typically use standardized, and often deprecated, monitor counters when used for their product, break other monitoring software.

Dedicated Nest Watchers Protect Arizona Bald Eagle Breeding Sites - Page 1
It takes a dedicated and diligent group to help ensure the success of bald eagle breeding in Arizona. Camping out for four months and spending all day monitoring the activities of both eagles and people is a critical part of the effort to help protect our state's bald eagles.

Top 7 Free Tools For Managing Your Network
From DHCP_probe to Argus to Splunk Server, these tools could join the pantheon of such legends as MRTG, Snort and Ethereal in helping you secure, log and monitor your network in a free (as in beer) way.

Iran Kidnaps British Troops In Iraqi Waters… Brits Were Operating Leg...
The Iranian military has captured fifteen British troops that were patrolling the Iraqi waters under a U.N. mandate. They were to be monitoring the incoming goods on cargo ships to ensure that weaponry wasn’t being smuggled in through the waterways. Iran just began a military exercise off of its coast prior to the capture of these soldiers. Ten...

Managing and Configuring of hardware devices and drivers
In Windows XP Professional, there are many tools to manage and monitor your hardware devices and drivers.Plug and Play feature is a combination of hardware and software support that enables a computer to recognize and adapt to the changes in hardware configuration without user intervention.

Soyo DYLM1986
WHAT THE 19-INCH wide-screen Soyo DYLM1986 lack in design, it more than makes up for in performance. And, at $259.99, it's priced right.With nondescript black casing, the screen is mounted on a basic stand that has only tilt capability. The DYLM1986 has good specs for a budget monitor: a high 1,680x1,050 native resolution,

Child's Overdose Death Raises Questions
How soon is too soon to diagnosis babies as having a mental health disorder and should parents be monitored closer for inappropriate use of diagnosis?

P2P Monitor Allows People to see what's hot on the Networks
This is a really interesting site that shows the top downloads taking place on many large P2P networks.Came accross this site randomly. It is really cool, tracking music, movies, software, ringtones, games, etc.

TEMPEST, Conspiracy Theories and Tinfoil Dreams
Prepare to strap that tinfoil hat on two notches below excruciating. In short TEMPEST deals with "compromising emanations" or the fact that you can capture data from your computer, monitor, CAT5 cable going into your router, coax cable into your cable modem, and even your power cord without physical access. OK... maybe one more notch on that hat.

The Provina WinePod is a custom wine making 4-foot-tall machine that ferments, presses, and ages wine in one self-contained stainless steel tank. The device can be remotely monitor and control from a PC via wireless connection. It can holds up to 150 pounds and can make four to five cases of wine (up to 60 bottles).

Ignorant parents need porn protection for children - male teens rejoice
Many things in this world can be very useful to a child, including a computer, but not so much the Internet. It should remain strictly up to the parents to monitor their children on the Internet, not the government.

Dual Flip-up Rugged LCD Monitors Launched
The TwoView Dual Flip-up Flat Panel LCD Monitors feature metal construction and rugged aluminum enclosures to withstand the rigors of commercial, industrial, and military environments alike.

Dollars from old routers and switches
Used network hardware holds onto it's value longer than used monitors, printers, even desktop computers. Few companies know that there's an entire marketplace built around buying, refurbishing, and reselling network hardware.

Smart fabrics to take the pulse
US special forces could soon be wearing smart fabrics that monitor how they cope during combat situations.

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