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website monitoring
So you want to know who your kids are chatting with. Or if your spouse has a blossoming e-mail romance. Or if one of your employees is leaking confidential information on the side. These tools will allow you to find out the truth and get the evidence you can present to court.

RSPAN - Remote Switched Port for ANalysis
Is RSPAN something one should be using? Or is it something to be avoided? The list of problems with using SPAN ports for network monitoring and analysis are many and in particular, I pointed out that SPAN ports will not meet the demands of compliance requirements for high fidelity data access nor for analysis of synchronized traffic such as VoIP.

Zenoss: New dog masters old monitoring tricks
Matt Prigge reviews Zenoss newest release for Computerworld: "Zenoss Core 2.1 impresses with object-based approach, strong device discovery, native Windows monitoring, and open source extensibility"

Starting Out Right: Graduating Debt Free
A must read for current college students. Give some great suggestions on how to monitor and control college debt.

Product innovation will help asthma sufferers and save NHS money
Bedfont Scientific announce the launch of a major new product to aid in the management of asthma. The hand-held monitor uses new technology and will improve the lives of asthma sufferers while saving the NHS prescription costs. The company have just been awarded a local prize for innovation.

eHealth News EU - SAPHIRE Patient-Monitoring System Enters Testing Phase
An EU-funded project developing an intelligent healthcare monitoring and decision-support system is about to start testing two applications. Now that the technical implementation has been completed, the SAPHIRE project's pilot studies will involve monitoring cardiovascular patients in a hospital in Romania and in homecare in Germany.

Color changing "gel.
A smart gel that dramatically changes color in response to heat, water and salt? As this ScienCentral News video explains, the uses could range from color-changing clothes to monitoring food safety.

Spyware Doctor Beta
Spyware Doctor is a good anti-spyware tools, a popular software. Provide three kinds of ways to protect your PC real-time not receive harassment from spyware, threats to intercept ,system scanning and renowned browser immune. On spyware, adware, Trojans, password code detection, tracking and monitoring software worms have had good immune.

Second Hand Computers - Do You Know What Happens To Them ?
Ever wondered what happens to second hand computers? You know, those old Pentium machines that had a floppy drive and one of those 14" monitors. Yes, they worked GREAT 10 years ago. You could run all the fancy stuff on those machines then. But now, they can hardly be used anymore, and they usually end up in dumpsters. But that's not all ...

What is keystroke recording good for?
Using a keystroke recording tool you can back up your work in time, monitor anyone using your computer, track internet usage and many more ...

Generate Real-time Report with Colasoft Capsa
Colasoft Capsa not only supports you to monitor and analyze your network, troubleshoot network problems, but also supports you to generate real-time reports of global network or a specific network group.

Real-time and 24/7 Network Monitoring
The ability of real-time and 24/7 monitoring is one of the prior functions of a network analyzer/packet sniffer/protocol analyzer. The working principle of a network analyzer is to capture data (basically packets) transmitted in the network. Colasoft Capsa is among those famous network analyzers, it is capable of capturing such data and ....

Leading UK contract and spot hire specialists benefit with Digicore
The innovative solution will see the tracking system attached direct to a number ofPTO-linked applications enabling Kent Sweepers to monitor the precise status of itsoperated road sweepers in the field.

Trading Room 11-29-2007
This is a pilot for us at We decided to create a trading video which will display my trades for the day. These videos are raw and uncut. I have a fourth monitor which I use to create the video, so the windows on the screen are static, but you can see my trades execute in real-time and you can also hear the emotional run I go through d

'Free' credit reports sometimes aren't free
Anyone tempted to buy a credit report, credit score or credit monitoring online ought to read this first.

Guild Hosting - Brought to you by Ejeet Networks
Ejeet Networks, Guild hosting solutions offers prime website hosting solutions for gamers all around the world, with dedicated hosting domain names, guild roster, your games server status, ventrilo monitor, ventrilo hosting.Ejeet Networks, is powered by gamers for gamers this guild hosting solution is like no other and is by far not corporate.

The Mess at ACS: What It Means for Outsourcing Customers
Upheavals at Affiliated Computer Services, including the ouster of top executives and two failed buyout attempts, have created uncertainty about the company's plans. For customers, it's a reminder that outsourcing relationships take constant monitoring.

The Email Standards Project Launches
"As reported previously on SitePoint, the team from Freshview (makers of Campaign Monitor) have taken it upon themselves to improve the state of standards support for HTML email, in both desktop and web-based email clients.Yesterday that cause moved one step closer to its goal, with the official launch of the Email Standards Project site."

Color Changing Wonder Gel
A smart gel that dramatically changes color in response to heat, water and salt? As this ScienCentral News video explains, the uses could range from color-changing clothes to monitoring food safety.

Netgear WG111 Disables Fast User Switching aka the RtlGina2.dll issue
One of my users dropped off a WinXP desktop on my desk today, telling me that all his user accounts are gone and, the welcome screen is missing. Bit perplexed I hooked it up to a nearby monitor half expecting to face some odd registry corruption issue. Luckily I do have a Knoppix SDT with that nifty windows password blanking script in my

Network Enforcer - New Network Security App
Brand new network security application monitors user behaviors and automatically blocks and prevents activities the administrator deems inappropriate.

Don't tell me that you never listened to your neighbors on the baby monitor
"The predicament of the working mom who sacrifices time with her kid to provide for her kid. Top that with putting another woman in the house! Fires, dead animals, "his arm," Lyndhurst. Now there's New Jersey for you." says Maureen Berzok in her review of the new motherhood novel "The Other Mother" by Gwendolen Gross.

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