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How to Stop the Next Campus Shootings
What useful counsel on preventive measures can we offer students and faculty and campus police forces across America? A better idea would be for appropriately screened teachers and maybe student monitors to carry weapons. A quarter century ago students doing military ROTC training regularly carried rifles around campus. US Supreme Court Justice...

Observers criticise Nigeria vote, govt sees coup plot
ABUJA, April 22 (Reuters) - Monitors on Sunday slammed Nigeria's election as a failure, but the government said criticism of the poll was intended to make way for a coup.

See yourself from Google's perspective.
Google has recently unleashed Web History, which lets you see what search words you use. It monitors the regular Google search as well as images, news, Froogle, sponsored links you click, Google video and Google maps. It requires you to log in, which is good because it keeps your mom from seeing all the dirty links you've pulled up lately.

The Future of Handheld Innovation
The amazing thing about the Cradle is that USB Devices like a Mouse, Keyboard and Joysticks can be connected to it and possibly even Hard Drives giving you a system like no other. The Cradle also has a TV Out/Monitor Out so connecting up to Televisions and Monitors to play Emulators and Games and many applications is a breeze.

Credit score has acquired leading Internet marketing analysts Hitwise.
Hitwise monitors over one million websites every day and compiles information on the browsing patterns of web users and the relative popularity of different websites.Experian hopes that this expertise, which is then sold to clients, will compliment its existing capabilities.

Credit Card company offers "IdentityMonitor" to a fake identity
Credit card companies don't give a rat's ass about identity theft. When I got an offer in the mail for a new "IdentityMonitor" service from Citi, which supposedly protects you from identity theft, I laughed. First, because I was sure it wouldn't work. Second, because they were offering it to one of my own stolen identities.

Twitter For Your Desktop
TwitterCamp is a desktop application that allows you to monitor tweets from your friends using the popular Twitter service. The application was built for the ApolloCamp mini-conference and uses the recently released Apollo runtime alpha and Twitter API. The application is especially suited for running on large displays such as plasmas, LCDs, and pr

Is your car a snitch?
Almost 40 Million cars in the US have car flight recorders in them that monitor what your car is doing upto the time the authorities use the data in the box to figure out what was happening before the car wrecked.

Apple iPhone as a Monitor for Video
Rumor -- iPhone possibly being used as a wireless video monitor. Possibily a director could watch the filming on his wireless monitor (iPhone) while running lines with the actors. Working with the Final Cut Server this might allow integration of GREAT apple products. FACT OR CRAP?????

Text Messages Used To Monitor Nigerian Elections
Anyone trying to rig or tamper with Saturday's presidential elections in Nigeria could be caught out by a team of volunteers armed with mobile phones.

Can you drive so fast to see this car speed?
SpadaConcept Codatronca concept car has the monitor on the tail part.This monitor will show the current car speed. Can you drive so fast to see this car speed? :)

ScienceLogic appliance leverages open source for network management
By: Tina GaspersonScienceLogic launched with a mission to bring to market an IT appliance that could monitor every aspect of a company's network infrastructure. CEO David Link calls it "dial tone service quality," a term meaning high reliability and easy accessibility. To accomplish that mission, Link knew that open source software was the key.

Earthquake Monitoring 2.0
Here's a new "web2.0" way to monitor and get feedback (notice the link Did you feel it? when viewing an info window) from people about the last earthquakes around the world...

BMW Ghost Driver Car
This Car is Bmw 645 convertible, is modified by Alpine work, name as Sinister Six. This car equipped 26-inch wheel, interior has at least 7 monitor , four 12 inch basses sound boxes and seven 4 inch speakers at the vehicle.

Venezuela to challenge US in UN Security Council
Venezuela plans to bring the case of Posada Carriles, a notorious criminal recently released in the US, before a UN SC committee monitoring counter-terrorism efforts, arguing the US has violated Res. 1373. Venezuela also plans to appeal to the OAS and challenge the US government's actions in international courts.

Vista reliability ridiculously low (pic)
MS doing its usual top notch work: Awful score from Reliability and Performance Monitor.

Canadian MP Wants ISPs to Monitor Your Activity Online
Every corporation (or person) must obtain a federal licence to "offer the services of or operate as an Internet service." Then monitor their users with the ability to terminate their service if they violate the proposed "Clean Internet Act (Bill C-427)."

How to spy on someone's monitor through walls
Basic radio equipment can tune into the signals from distant laptops or flat-panel displays

FERC approves Calif. plan for linking grid to renewable energy | KGET
The U-S Federal Energy Regulatory Commission signed off today on a plan by California's independent power-grid monitor to help finance facilities needed to connect renewable energy to the state's power...

Prozira - Feel sad? Feel your calls are being monitored? Take the quiz!
Prozira is here to help you through every day life in the year 0000. Cedocore cares about you!

Remote Room Monitoring with a Laser Microphone
Up until now, I have generally focused on radio transmitters for audio surveillance. So this post is about remote audio surveillance using reflected laser beams!

Monitoring Computer Activity With NetResident
Software that could be useful to parents if they wish to monitor their child's Web activities.

If you use Google or Gmail Be Aware!
Google and their subsidiary Gmail have software in place to log every search you use and they can monitor all your emails through their subsidiary Gmail. These in turn are made available to governmental agencies that monitor for terrorist or dissenting opinion to the current regime in power, ie George W. Bush!

Relationship subscriptions, Monitoring People and More new Features
Heaps been updated again with a bunch of new features. And a video to show them off.

Web 2.0 SEO monitoring & reporting site
"As a webmaster you spend time submitting your site to search engines and creating quality content for your visitors to read. As your site grows how will you know if you’re being successful in your efforts? provides you tracking, notification and overall awareness of how your site is performing in various aspects of the world wide web."

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