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Shoutcast monitoring + services monitor
This page describes how you can monitor your shoutcast services and restart them automatically if they're down. The example can be easily modified to monitor a multitude of other services as well.

Tips and tricks on Event Budgeting
A structured budget helps in monitoring costs, understanding what you can afford, reporting to management and most of all keeping things under control. In this post a bit on budgeting and cutting costs.

Tips to Choose Good Home Blood Pressure Monitor
You are confused on buying a good Home Blood pressure monitor device? No problem, this story will guide yo to get the good one.There are many varieties and types of home blood pressure monitors (HBPM). Purchasing a blood pressure monitor is a great way to keep track of your blood pressure; however, choosing one can be confusing.

Al Gore Watches Diggnation on one of three Apple Monitors!
Al Gore may have invented the Internet & made global warming hip, but at the end of the day, he likes to relax with a little Alex and Kevin! Prager, I'll take the center monitor for a pilsner!

Brain scan can predict response to antidepressants - health - 21 May 2007 -
A new way of monitoring brain activity can help predict a clinically depressed patient's response to a drug, leading to more effective treatment.

Parsix GNU/Linux 0.90-TEST-2
Changes since TEST-1: updated kernel, new GNOME logout window, new artwork, added 3D desktop support using compiz 0.4 and desktop-effects helper tool, added two new boot menu items to support wide screen monitors, added Wammu package, several bugs fixes, minor installer fixes and regular clean-ups.

GoPass AVL-900 monitors action in your car, lets you listen in
GoPass' sneaky new device isn't a foreign concept, but the AVL-900 definitely ups the ante by not only allowing the installer to track the vehicle's every turn via GPS / GPRS, but it sports an integrated microphone to let the uber-curious listen in.

Forget About WiFi, You're Irradiating Your Child With The Baby Monitor
Newspapers and TV shows are having a great time fueling the freakout over the supposed dangers of WiFi, following the formula of technology paranoia + kids = gold. Over the weekend, the story was given a new twist, when one paper reported that radiation from baby monitors could be hurting babies.

New Jersey looks at law to ban sex offenders from the internet
While not a complete ban, sex offenders would have to have monitoring software on their systems that the police could have access to. If they are found using unregistered equipment they can be put back in jail, and a host of extensions to the system that would allow for longer jail times,

In a first, scientists develop tiny implantable biocomputers
Researchers at Harvard University and Princeton University have made a crucial step toward building biological computers, tiny implantable devices that can monitor the activities and characteristics of human cells. The information provided by these "molecular doctors," constructed entirely of DNA, RNA, and proteins, could eventually revolutionize m

Wii stock locator
Wii stock locator for the UK. This website is updated every 60 seconds and includes full stock history for each retailer. Leave the realtime monitor open on your desktop and an alert will popup when new Wii stock is found.

A New Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor
The Israeli company OrSense has developed a new non-invasive technology for monitoring blood glucose levels for diabetics. The new technology will completely eliminate the need to draw blood, an ordeal that millions of people suffering from this incurable disease have to go through several times a day.

New UAV to become mobile CCTV
The UK police are planning to use an unmanned UAV to monitor UK residents

Up next: Implantable biocomputers
Researchers at Harvard University and Princeton University have made a crucial step toward building biological computers, tiny implantable devices that can monitor the activities and characteristics of human cells.

Dell Dimension E521 Desktop with Samsung 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor $399
Dell Small Business has one day only sale on the Dell Dimension E521 Desktop PC with 19-inch Samsung N920NW Widescreen LCD monitor bundle. Ships free. Ends tonight (5/21) * AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+ (1.9GHz); 512MB DDR2 * 80GB Hard Drive; 16x DVD-ROM; Windows Vista or XP * 19-inch Samsung 920NW Widescreen LCD Monitor

Identity Theft Protection: Is Credit Monitoring Worth Paying As Much As $15
Monetizing the cost of Identity Theft is not easy. This article even calculates the cost of emotional loss, to determine whether identity theft protection services, such as Credit Monitoring, is worth it.

Dimension E521 with 19 inch LCD for $399
For today only, you can purchase the following Dell E521 system for just $399.Dimension E521 with 19 inch Samsung 920NW Widescreen LCD Monitor, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core 3600+ processor and 80GB* Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache™.

RFID Diagnostic Sensors Read By RFID-Enabled Cell Phones
Bullshit : RFID diagnostic sensor patches that can be read by RFID-enabled (Radio-Frequency IDentification) cell phones are under development by Gentag, Inc. and The CORE Institute. The system should make it easier for physicians (and patients) to monitor their condition post-surgery using RFID-enabled cell phones.

NetFlow Network Monitoring software list
A good list of free netflow monitoring software

Another 24kV high voltage "Jacob's Ladder" from DIY flyback driver
I've always wanted to create an electric arc but don't know how. Then I come across the theory that air breaks down at about 1MV/m (Mega Volts per meter) (24kV/in). That mean you need 1kV in order to get 1mm arc. So you need a higher voltage. One of the method is to use a flyback transformer that can be found from an old TV or an CRT PC monitor.

Staples starts computer recycle program -
Staples Inc. is expanding its electronics waste recycling program by accepting used computers and monitors that can now be dropped off for a $10 fee at any of the office products chain's 1,400 U.S. locations during store hours.

Second Life to become prime source of intelligence
Businesses, governments, and reporters will use virtual communities to gather information.As the methods and modes of communication continue to evolve, the challenges will mount for businesses trying to secure their data and for law enforcement looking to monitor communications as part of their investigations.

Who Will Guard the Guards? (We Will)
In today's society, we are constantly under the threat of further oppression of our rights and privacy as citizens of countries with political factions in support of “Big Brother” type monitoring such as the USA and the UK. And we wonder who is going to check on the people who check on us...

Daisuke Matsuzaka - Monitor his success
Okay - I admit.. I'm a fan of the new pitcher the Japanese call "The Monstor".Let's use this thread to discuss his performance throughout the season.What were his stats for the first game?

Swiss Bishop suggests closer monitoring of mosques
Anti-dhimmitude from the assistant bishop of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg, although of course he knows that the jihadists "don't represent true Islam," while also noting that trouble seems to arise when "the Koran is taught." In any case, it remains...

The Battle of Athens, Tennessee in 1946.
On 2 August 1946, some Americans, brutalized by their county government, used armed force to overturn it. These Americans wanted honest, open elections. For years they had asked for state or Federal election monitors to prevent vote fraud -- forged ballots, secret ballot counts, and intimidation by armed sheriff's deputies.

Death By Lawyer - 10 Sites We Miss
Right now, the net is being constantly monitored, people are getting arrested for even thinking about piracy, DRM is preventing us from sharing stuff with friends, and web sites and services are getting closed down on a daily basis. Here are some memories of the pioneers

Childhood Years Impact Fertility
Researchers at University College London monitored hormone levels in women who migrated to the UK from Bangladesh at different stages in life... Women who had spent their childhood in the healthier conditions of the UK had higher levels of reproductive hormones than those brought up in Bangladesh

Get your credit report without strings
We've all seen the commercials for What they don't want you to know is that in order to get your report you need to sign up for a trial for their $100 a year credit monitoring program. is truly free thanks to a 2003 law.

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